You Asked For It, You Got It - Zane Lamprey's Back With New Four Sheets Episodes

07 March, 2019

Maybe this year started off a little rough for you - shutdowns, layoffs, severe weather, delayed refunds. But now there's a real sign that the momentum has shifted and this year is turning around because it's official, Zane Lamprey is back drinking around the world in new episodes of Four Sheets!

You Three Sheets fans who loved to live vicariously through Zane's adventures traveling around the world as he explored the drinking customs of far off lands, and met a lot of great people along the way, get to get back on the proverbial travel horse and continue the exploration. Four Sheets season one takes Zane to Peru, Mexico, Paris, Switzerland, Greece and Grand Cayman Island. And it's not just Zane, while Steve got left behind (wah, wah), a lot of the Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy team were back together again including Chad The Sound Guy, Gio (cameraman) and Producer Josh.




How Do I Watch?

Four Sheets is on (previously Brew Dog Network but officially changed over on March 6). is subscription streaming service and before you go into "not another subscription diatribe" with your screen we have lots of good news; first you can subscribe for $2.99 a month which is less than a cheap beer. Second, if you use PROMO CODE: ZANE you can get a full year for $19.99. You can stream all episodes online or through Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire (Amazon Fire will stream starting March 12).



Why Would I Get A Full Year When I Can Binge All 6 Episodes Of Four Sheets In A Month Subscription?

Great question DME reader - because there's even more good news! The network loves Four Sheets so much they are on board for a Season 2! Also, premiering this Spring is "Night Cap", Zane's own talk show where he'll be sitting with celebreties in various L.A. nightlife hot spots doing what Zane does best - have good times and make you wish you were there.

If that wasn't enough, for the first time ever all of the original Drinking Made Easy episodes are availble in HD on! Yep, no more crappy (and pirated) YouTube versions, no more "standard def" AXS TV episodes. There's also a lot of other great shows available on and many more to come.

Every subscription to only means they'll put more and more love into new episodes of Four Sheets!


You said he was left out but I heard something about Steve McKenna and Four Sheets?

You heard right, Steve traveled out to L.A., got a sweet haircut and sat down with the Four Sheets crew in "Between The Sheets" to get more insight into each Four Sheets episodes. You can check out "Between The Sheets" for free here. Warning, you'll want to subscribe after watching these.

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This article feels like one big ad for Four Sheets

You are on, what did you expect? Plus, we think we pissed the boss off by going dark for a few weeks there so we're just getting back in his good graces!


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