Which Limited Edition "Heisenberg" Vodka Bottle Do You Choose?

12 February, 2016

Oh we miss you Walter White. Sony Pictures Television and 21st Century Spirits partnered up to launch a limited edition line of “Heisenberg” Blue Ice Vodka – inspired by the hit television series, “Breaking Bad.” Three special edition bottles of Heisenberg by Blue Ice, with distinct graphics and infamous quotes, are now available to add to your collection.


“The Dude had his White Russians, the Blues Brothers had their Night Train… and now Heisenberg has his very own Blue Ice Vodka!” said Vince Gilligan, Executive Producer and Creator of Breaking Bad. “I’m counting on our fans to use it in the creation of a great many delicious cocktails." Hey Vince, it's vodka, we'll have no shortage of cocktails to create with it and Blue Ice makes a darn good product so cheers!


You can order your favorite "quote" bottle for $27.00 each or get all three for $81.00.


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Oh, our choice - "Tread lightly" (Walt, Hank, the garage - c'mon!)