Japan's "Sake" Infused Kit Kat Has An ABV%

15 February, 2016

Japan makes a lot of Kit Kat flavors we don't see in the U.S. like apple pie, purple sweet potato, watermelon, Green Tea and more. Now Japan has reached into our sweet tooth, drinking loving hearts with a sake infused Kit Kat that actual boasts an ABV. Nestlé hopes the alcoholic (0.8%) white chocolate wafers flavored with sake powder will prove popular with tourists.

The sake Kit Kat is available in Japan only and comes in three-pack boxes and as a special edition nine-piece set packaged in a bottle-shaped box (below). While we have not yet been able to get our hands on a delcious "break" of this Kit Kat sake bar, we're going out a limb and say it's more fun than candy wonderful, but white chocolate and sake don't sound like a bad pairing so you never know!