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It’s Hangover Free. So They Say…

23 February, 2015
We’ve all heard some story about a Shaman healing their tribes sickness with a special blend of nature or watched Sean Connery find a cure for Cancer in Medicine Man ala some wondrous plant, tree bark or insect combo. It’s widely accepted, and proven, that there’s a lot growing out there that’s down right good for us.

So when North Korea recently boasted they created a “hangover free” alcohol reportedly made from a type of indigenous ginseng called insam and glutinous rice, and cultivated by an organic farming method, the tendency may be to believe them. Maybe.

North Korea media, and state run newspaper, the Pyongyang Times is also known for outlandish claims of North Korea’s achievements. As recent as last year, the Pyongyang Times published an article proclaiming North Korean scientists released a vaccine containing extracts from the insam plant called Kumdang-2 that could reportedly cure HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, cancer, MERS and Ebola.

The Pyongyang Times said the new alcohol "exudes national flavor", without dampening your national fervor the following morning. In a democracy we just call them “hangovers” but we can see “dampened national fervor” too.

"Koryo Liquor, which is made of six-year-old Kaesong Koryo insam, known as being highest in medicinal effect, and the scorched rice, is highly appreciated by experts and lovers as it is suave and causes no hangover," the article reads. The story also notes that the alcohol comes in around 40%-50% alc/vol.

From our global experiences, we have yet to ingest any hangover free booze but here’s to hoping the Easter Bunny of alcohol really does exist!