Why Don Julio 1942 is the perfect "business professional" gift to impress with

29 June, 2018

Smart business says to always present a gift to potential clients or even long-standing professional relationships when you get to enjoy that rare in-person meet up. In some business cultures it's rude not to present a gift, meeting over. But bringing that right gift can be the difference between a everlasting bond or a "move through the paces" day. So when we had a first time business meeting last week and "Joe" rolled up with a slim, tall and sleek designed box under his arm presenting the gift of Don Julio 1942 to get the business outing started we knew it was going to be a fireworks day.

Why Don Julio 1942 works so well


First, leave your disasterous drinking 20's stigma of tequilla shots and toilet bowl hugging behind. Those who try, and are decent at, Adulting (not to be confused with adultery) know great tequilla is sipping tequilla and a sipping tequilla night is unlike any other. Ask anyone on the DME team and we'll easily push the red wine aside to pair a great tequilla with a good medium-rare steak dinner anytime. Don Julio 1942 isn't the top of mountain as far as the world's best tequillas but it sure the heck walks the distinguished tequilla red carpet.

This escalator ride into real tequilla invites even the most hesitant tequilla drinker or even hard alcohol imbiber right into the toast with no possible recourse of squinch face or tummy trampoline a.k.a. the Cuervo "down and up." So now everyone in the group is glass in hand and particiapting around the proverbial round table of professionals

Second, the smooth Anejo profile is accompanied with soft vanilla and nut flavors. Not overwhemling, very well balanced, this "hint" of vanilla taps into the most safe sensory inspired memories of sugar cookies, ice cream and funnel cakes. Retro nasal that first sip and it's like you touched your tounge to vanilla gelato. Now you've really hooked even the most hesitant to join the group and may have even created the pourer of round two!

Next, Don Julio 1942 is price appropriate. The $120 - $150 price tag slags off the "cheap, picked up a lot of Mumm at the corner store" gift concept while at the same time isn't a showboat price tag that potentially puts your professional counterparts in an awkward position. A great gift is repeated or reused, impress your fellow professionals and watch them share the same gift idea for the next round of chuckles with a different crowd of associates. 

And finally, the Don Julio 1942 story parallels the story of many group business meetings between two companies. The exquisite Anejo was created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Don Julio's first distillery. Here you roll up with a gift that symbolically encompasses a successful start and a long, storied path. Don Julio 1942 is rested in oak barrels for two years like a great professional relationship that starts off well and matures even better over time, but not too much time.

A true gift impresses all from set-up to smile. Thanks Joe & Nick!


1942 in tall coupe glasses? Why not!