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28 April, 2016

Walker’s Point in Milwaukee, WI is thriving and one of the shining stars in this neighborhood's resurgence is Central Standard Craft Distillery. Conveniently located next to Milwaukee Brewing Co., and by conveniently located we mean actually leasing space from the brewery which was previously used to store random stuff, the 1600 square foot facility is distillery, tasting room and gorgeous bar all wrapped up in one.

Central Standard Distilling Tasting Room

When the roll-up door is open it’s spirits time. The tasting room is a welcoming, aged barn decorated space more set-up like a modern times bar than a stodgy wine tasting room. On the far right of the of tasting room and at the end of the bartop is their beautiful distilling set-up where are the magic happens.


Central Standard currently produces five spirits; Wisconsin Rye Vodka, New American Gin, Oat Whiskey, Bourbon, and Anodyne Coffee Vodka - a collaboration with neighbor Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company (this is why you’re nice to your neighboreenos!).

Head distiller Brian “Blaze” Blazel has been at the helm since the opening. Blazel, a former Milwaukee Brewing Co. brewer, had a passion for distilling spirits almost as long as he’s had a passion for brewing beer. When the opportunity came about to lead Central Standard into the spirits future, Blazel gladly walked down the hallway and joined up with Central Standard co-owners Pat McQuillan and Evan Hughes.

Central Standard Distilling Stills

On any given day you’ll find a food truck parked right outside ready to accommodate distillery patrons. On the weekends you’ll witness a constant flow of Pedal Tavern tours, limo vans and even charter buses from Chicago pulling in front of the distillery for a scheduled stop. Doesn’t hurt they also grab post-brewery tour crowds from Milwaukee Brewing Co. too.

On top of the distillery tours led by either owner or Blazel himself, there’s happening’s going down all the time; trivia night, Bloody Mary buffet Sunday's and various special events throughout the year.

As one would hope, the drinks menu is second to none with custom cocktails created by bartender and mixologist Dan Moore . The crew is always experimenting with new concoctions with locally procured ingredients so your visit today may vary from your next trip but the fan favorites and must have classics are always available. You can also grab a pint of some Milwaukee Brewing Co. brews which you know are going to pretty damn fresh obviously.



613 South 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204
(next to Milwaukee Brewing Co.)

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