Boozy advent calendars bring the cheer from day 1

27 November, 2017

This year we noticed more "boozy" advent calendars than we have in the past so we're shedding some light on where to snag a few "doors of fun" as we head right into December cheer. The earliest known advent calendars date back to between the 18th and 19th century and while they were first used by German Lutheran's advent calendars are fairly ubiquitous amongst all excited for the countdown to Christmas.

Now that we're looking we've found boozy advent calendars available at Total Wine & More, BevMo, Wine Warehouse and even Costco!

The two most popular online stores for ordering right to your door are Masters of Malt and of course Amazon (if you live in the UK).

Your options range from Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and Tequila to Sparkling Wine, Wine and Craft Beer advent calendars. So while the little one's countdown with tiny chocolates (that are about 200-300 calories each!) you can relax with the day's sweet, sweet adult beverage surprise!

Of course for you crafty one's out there, no reason you can't make your own (for yourself or friends, we won't judge). A quick search around Pinterest and you'll find some pretty inspiring ideas.

nice whiskey

Nice Whiskey Set - one day is a taster of a $800 bottle!


Gin - hey, a lot of people like it and this is the coolest designed one we've seen!


Ah, wine. Can't go wrong with a wine a day!


Beer, everyone loves a hoppy holiday!