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Booze Delivered to Your Door by Drone in Seven Minutes!

23 February, 2015

OK, that particular post we'll put up in a few years. BUT Amazon is promising to deliver booze to New Yorkers in under 60 minutes.

Amazon has already told us (and showed us) that they’ve put millions of dollars into developing their drone delivery system, and just this week Amazon launched their booze delivery service in New York City (with a few hiccups). Think about it-- five years ago, it was nearly unfathomable that you’d one day click a button on your phone as you watched the premiere episode of Game of Thrones and have a bottle of rum knocking on your door in before the episode was over. But today it’s just a countdown to when the two services will mesh together.


Amazon Prime Air Clear For Take Off

While the Stark family has spread to all ends of the earth (or of the “land”) and the episodes get more complicated, booze delivery just got infinitely easier.

Let’s forget for a moment that every New Yorker lives within two blocks of a liquor store, and could probably procure a bottle of booze during an extended commercial break. Not that HBO has commercials, or that they couldn’t just press pause and go do whatever they wanted during that time. So, it’s not like residents of the Big Apple had a major hurdle to overcome when getting their liquor.

In fact, several companies, like Mini-Bar and Drizly have been delivering alcohol around Metropolis in under and hour for over a year. But, just how much of an impact that Amazon can make is about to be seen. It already has us brainwashed into thinking that postage fees are a thing of the past– and that our mail carriers are delivering our daily arrival of Amazon boxes because they love the exercise.

At the end, we’ll see who sits on the throne. Will Mini-Bar, Drzly and Thirstie reign, or are the Lanisters (Amazon) too much of a legacy to be reckoned with?

In either case, Winter is Coming. Or is it? Seriously, it’s 66° in New York City this weekend. WTF?