Know exactly how many beers are left in your keg with this little tool

21 May, 2018

Everyone knows the clumsy routine of keg lifting, shaking and guessing or the dreaded tap blowing foam (usually an hour after your friends show up). Well those caveman days are over - introducing Kegtron, the wireless keg monitoring system that takes less than two minutes to install and has it's own app.

While Kegtron is only a prototype raising money on Kickstarter, with only five days to go they've nearly doubled their goal which means this baby is going to market. Folks who back the project before it ends on 5/26 should have their Kegtron unit by August/September.

The Kegtron keg monitor is a small box that sits inline between your keg and your tap. An internal flowmeter measures how much liquid has been dispensed while a wireless processor keeps a running tally and communicates with your phone or tablet. The keg monitor installs neatly inside your kegerator, keezer or beer cooler. The splash-resistant enclosure is designed for humid and messy environments. There are no clunky external boxes sitting on the bar or next to your taps.

From your phone or tablet, your keg stats are always ready. A clean, intuitive interface gives you the info you need at a glance. No cloud complexity, no user profiles or social frills - just the keg stats you care about.


  • Tap name and description
  • Keg size and starting volume
  • Volume dispensed and remaining
  • Servings and percent remaining
  • Configurable keg and serving sizes

Right now a single unit will run you $125 and while some you of might find this a pricey little tool, it's benefits for the true home brewer/beer afficiano will way earn it's seat at the bar. BTW - most Kickstarter projects sell their items for less than they go for at retail so if you're geeked about this little Keg buddy device - order it now. 

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