"JIM" Jim Beam's Smart Decanter Is Sold Out But It Will Be Back

03 December, 2017

If you ask Siri to pour you a drink she'll bring you back five results of nearby watering holes. If you ask JIM to pour you a drink, you'll get just that without lifting a finger. The world's first smart decanter may be sold out but as the website states "Check back soon for "JIM" to return.

It was our fault we didn't let you know about this earlier but in all fairness the $34.90 pre-orders were sold out in less than a day.

Voiced by 7th Generation Master Distiller, Fred Noe, the decanter includes a sleek compartment for bourbon storage and voice command capabilities. Unlike other smart home devices, "JIM" offers groundbreaking shot-pouring functionality that allows legal drinking age consumers to serve up a drink.

JIM can also answer some of life's smart technology questions, sort of. "Hey JIM, what's the weather today?" to which JIM will reply "I have no idea but I do know it's the perfect day to enjoy bourbon."

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter as we promise to make sure we let you know when JIM 2.0 is available for order !