Designed For Wine - Perfect To Chill Anything, Fast: ProntoBev

03 June, 2018

You SharkTank fans may remember this quintessential chilling tool from a couple seasons ago and you smart few may have even backed the successful Indiegogo campaign but now with delivery for all right around the corner the ProntoBev should be on the top of your bar/entertaining gadgets "I want list."

The big boast, "ProntoBev uses patent pending technology to chill an entire bottle of wine to a specific temperature in just 30 seconds." Pretty sweet if ask us. The average bottle drops 20°F (11°C) in just 30 seconds. Can you hear the infomercial voice, "buy wait, there's more.." because the ProntoBev can really chill anything; vokda, tequilla, teas, coffee, etc...

The process is stupid simple; take your ProntoBev out of the freezer, pour liquid in the large opening in the top, watch the digital temp display until it reaches your desired temp, pour liquid into a glass, shotglass or Steve's method - directly into your mouth.

While they are not shipping just yet, a Summer ship date is promised on the website but in the meantime you can take advantage of a 30% discount offer for your pre-order. Not bad.

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