Costco’s 4ft. Tall Wine Glass - For Decoration Purposes Only…

04 November, 2018

We remember the day when we’d go into a head shop and there was always a colorfully hand drawn sign that said “water pipes are for tabaco purposes only” - riiiiiiiight. Well, seeing as Costco’s oversize wine glass is technically functional as a glass, it does hold 25 bottles of wine which would clearly be the death of anyone attempting to “wind down” for the night.

Apparently these unique decoration items appeared last November in Costco and were quite a hit, a big enough hit to bring back for 2018. They’ll run you $79.99 but as far as cool decoration pieces go that’s a pretty good price - go figure, Costco.


Alas, the four-foot-tall wine glass does not appear to be available for purchase on Costco’s website anymore; as of this writing, going to the URL formerly associated with the item sadly just brings you to a “Product Not Found” page. This isn’t altogether surprising; individual Costco warehouses often have things in stock that they might not carry online and vice versa. As such, we assume that many of the images currently making the rounds on social media were snapped inside very specific Costco locations.

If you don’t have a Costco nearby (or simply aren’t a member), you can get the glass on Amazon — but be warned that it’s only sold by third-party sellers, and at an enormous markup, at that. What will set you back around $80 at Costco is a whopping $354 from the seller Pacific Northwest Supplies.