5 ways we're sticking to our resolutions without giving up our favorite libations this month (year!)

03 January, 2018

It's the third day into the new year and we want to stand by our new year's resolutions but let's face it, we don't want to sacrifice our social calendar as well. With one of the common resolutions on the DME team being "get in better shape" we looked for easy ways to stick to this but still do our jobs!


#1 - Pilates



Yep, we're jumping head first into one of the most intense workouts out there. CrossFit was great in '17 to help lose the extra lb's but now we're looking to tone our butts up (literally). Pilates is intense, a reformer looks like a medieval torture device, but the folks at Pilates Wheel have not only removed the intimidation factor but have given us an "at-home" solution with the full Pilates workout experience. They also do weekly Facebook Live training sessions with Pilates pro's. Will we put up a video of Zane attempting Pilates on YouTube? Maybe...

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#2 - Push-ups



A.K.A. the perfect workout. Does it get an easier to do something physical? well maybe #4 below, but push-ups are just you vs. the ground. We’re sticking to a simple 50-a-day regime; 10 at a time, two sets of 25 or go all in with 50 in one go. 

#3 - Sports from our youth



We’re bringing out the basketball from depths of the garage to work on our layups and three-pointers. Admit it, right now there’s some awesome and neglected hockey, soccer, basketball or golf gear out in the garage. In fact, we put the basketball in the car so if we see a hoop on way from A to B, we're taking some shots (strange for us to type shots on DME and not regarding booze). Go play…H-O-R-S-E anyone?

#4 - Walkabout



Ah, stepping out into the world around us. Ultimately we all got a free membership to this gym.  Just a walk around the block and if your in the East Coast right now - a telemark around the block.

#5 - The old shot glass



Hey, we love cocktails, you love cocktails but free pouring or “eyeing” those ingredients can lead to certain chaos and extra calories. So get your "day one" bartender on and measure those ingredients. You’ll be amazed how proper drinks should taste when you do ‘em right.

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