This little award winner is going to put Wichita on the map (at least in the beer world)

16 May, 2018

Wichita Brewing Company's "Shaven Yak", the English-Style Brown Ale that could, walked away from last year's GABF with a Silver Medal and now another Silver in the World Beer Cup. That's pretty damn impressive from the only Kansas brewery to take an award in both events.  

"It's a pretty big deal in the beer community," said Greg Gifford, one of WBC's owners.

Shaven Yak was created last year by WBC's head brewer Ned Vahsholtz with the intent of entering it in the Great American Beer Festival. Vahsholtz is a fan of brown ales, so he worked on the recipe and tweaked it for months.

Any DME fans old Ren & Stimpy fans? If so then the name of the beer should bring back a memory or two of the celebrated fictional holiday "Yak Shaving Day." Love it.

"Hey DME, are these awards all they're cracked up to be?" Yes. There are amazing brewers from coast to coast and border to border but they don't always get to put all their focus and love into a particular brew, there is a business to run and quantity matters. This year’s World Beer Cup drew 8,234 entries from 2,515 breweries in 66 countries. A lot of these brews, like the Shaven Yak, are brewed with intentional care and you can definitely discern that in the first taste. The judges of GABF and World Beer Cup are a mix of you and I was well as beer experts. It's not a hoity-toity bunch of cup swirlers and grade sheets, it's real beer fans establishing stand-out beers based on objective criteria and a touch of subjective preference. In short, you can tell a difference and these differences are awarded with recognition.