The States That Drink the Most Beer in America

10 May, 2018

Not sure why we love seeing who's the "consumpution" top dog, but we do. The friendly folks at VinePair went to great lengths to pull some data and give us the winners. So without further dudes...

First, let it be known that collectively we drink 7 billion gallons of beer in America annually (and growing). That's the three comma club of beer drinking.

According to the data, tiny New Hampshire consumes the most beer per capita. What gives? New England winters are cold, yes, but other factors are at work here. The Granite State doesn’t tax alcohol, making it a magnet for thirsty residents of Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and other neighboring states.

The states drinking the most and least beer might surprise you. To make sense of it all, VinePair broke the data into color-coded maps and straightforward charts.

The States That Drink The Most Beer Per Capita

New Hampshire notwithstanding, Big Sky Country topped this ranking. Residents of Montana, and North and South Dakota, consume nearly 40 gallons of beer per person each year.

per capita beer by state 2018

The States That Drink The Most Beer Overall

Large states like California and Texas led this category, with hard-living Floridians taking the bronze. Ohio and North Carolina, two relatively sparsely populated states, also cracked the top 10. We wonder if either state’s academic population might be able to shed some light on that.

gallons beer by state 2018


Ranking The States


 StateGallons Per Capita
1 New Hampshire 40.6
2 Montana 39.4
3 North Dakota 38.3
4 South Dakota 38.2
5 Wisconsin 34.3
6 Maine 33.8
7 Nebraska 33.3
8 Nevada 32.9
9 Vermont 32.8
10 Texas 31.8

Looking at things from the perspective of total gallons of beer consumed, the data largely mirrors population ranks.

RankStateGallons Overall
1 California 724.9M
2 Texas 626.3M
3 Florida 423.1M
4 New York 327.5M
5 Illinois 259.4M
6 Pennsylvania 254.1M
7 Ohio 234.7M
8 North Carolina 188M
8 Michigan 186.7M
10 Georgia 179.6M

Published: May 10, 2018

[via VinePair]