Pizza Hut Expanding On Its Pizza & Beer Delivery Experiment

09 May, 2018

Pizza & Beer are best friends - that's fact and science. Pizza Hut's expanding experiement of delivering both together should be supported by all those who love not only pizza & beer but those who don't want to get off the couch to go get it! On Tuesday, Pizza Hut announced that it is launching a pilot program for 100 stores across California and Arizona that will allow customers to get delivery of hot pizza and cold beer.

Pizza Hut launched a test beer-delivery program in December at one downtown Phoenix location. Beginning Tuesday, the company expanded that beer service to other restaurants in Phoenix, Tucson and Glendale, Arizona as well as six California cities: Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Riverside, Sacramento, Santa Barbara and Santa Clara. Three more California cities—Anaheim, Huntington Beach and Redding—will be added later this month.

The pilot program comes in partnership with MillerCoors, so the beer selection is limited to six packs of Coors Light, Blue Moon and Miller High Life. The company also made a point to state that delivery personnel participating in the program will be equipped with custom coolers designed to keep the beverages cold. After all, warm beer is probably the only thing that could ruin the launch of such a basic, yet novel, idea.

The pizza chain also plans to introduce a new delivery algorithm and online mapping to make the delivery system more efficient. Yum Brands said in July it would spend $130 million to upgrade equipment, boost advertising, and improve technology in restaurants.