Oskar Blues Is Bringing Back Ten Fidy In A Supermassive Way

23 August, 2018

Oskar Blues announces the return of Ten FIDY Imperial Stout – a huge, 10.5% ABV black hole of burly malt flavor. In a galaxy not-so-far away (the Oskar Blues brewery) brewers discovered a mathematical curiosity – a beer darker than dark – so dark that it has sucked up massive amounts of flavor and allowed no light to penetrate its malty opaqueness. Oskar Blues will celebrate the Imperial smoothness that is Ten FIDY Imperial Stout with release events in taprooms on August 31. Each taproom will feature a unique FIDY flight including vintage and barrel-aged variants. Ten FIDY will be distributed nationwide in 4-packs of 12oz cans. Ten FIDY is made from immense amounts of big, dark malt including caramel and Munich malt alongside fluffy oats, resulting in a viscous, opaque cosmic beer entity. FIDY gravitates toward flavors of chocolate-covered caramel, espresso, black licorice and plum. A phenomenon that’s been described as “Beer, only better and darker,” FIDY is as supermassive as ever this fall.

In order to better understand Ten FIDY, Oskar Blues approached the beer’s leading expert, Randy Bayless. Randy replied to an Oskar Blues job posting on Craigslist in 2010 and 8 years later he operates out of the Brevard, NC, Brewery. During his tenure, he has likely imbibed more FIDY than anyone else in the world.

“FIDY is like one of those old-school black velvet paintings,” said Bayless. “The malt is a velvet canvas with deep, dark chocolate and coffee flavors painted across it to depict what the Big Bang probably looked like (obviously, so freaking rad that you can’t look at it without weeping and having a psychedelic experience). With an ornate stone-fruit frame, it’s a damn masterpiece.”

Gaze into the FIDY and the FIDY gazes back. Explore the depths of Ten FIDY with us at one of our release events coming up on August 31. For the first time EVER, we’ll have FIDY flights – complete with barrel-aged varieties like JAHvanilla Barrel-Aged Ten FIDY, Vanilla and Sugar Maple Wood Aged Ten FIDY, Tennessee Whiskey Barrel-Aged Ten FIDY and vintage FIDY variants from as far back as 2012. Flight options will vary according to taproom location. See flight lineups here:

Longmont Taproom

Boulder Taproom

Brevard Taproom

Austin Taproom

Ten FIDY will be distributed nationwide beginning Aug. 31. No need to consult the stars in order to find Ten FIDY near you – just keep an eye on the beerfinder.