Le Beck's: The Beck's Special Edition Beer That Comes In A Champagne Flute

26 June, 2018

If you watch the video you might think this is a fake ad from Saturday Night Live but alas it's real. Beck's is releasing a special edition in order to "clink a beer where beer has never been clinked before." We told you it suspect if it was real.

The best part, the beer is the same, but the packaging aims to be more sophisticated. Lets not skip over the classy addition of "Le" before the name.

Beck’s partnered with a company called Serviceplan to create this ambitious special edition can. Le Beck’s boasts a luxurious brushed aluminum finish with precision laser and analog engravings marking the label design. First launched in March, the cans enjoyed a limited release, being served specifically at exclusive events. However, the positive response has pushed Beck’s to consider mass production of this unique product.

Let's face it, according to the Wolfhouse brothers (the German side), Beck's is the fourth most popular German beer!