In 1989 Ken Grossman sold the original Sierra Nevada brewhouse. This past weekend he got it back.

07 August, 2018

So here’s a cool story…In 1979, Ken Grossman hand welded the first Sierra Nevada brewhouse from old dairy equipment to brew the first batches of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. In 1989 he sold it to Mad River Brewing Co. (Blue Lake, CA). This past weekend Ken and team headed back to the Mad River Brewing to officially take the original brewhouse back home to Chico. Simpson’s fans, this is like Mr. Burns getting his Bobo back.

What’s really cool - what will a master craft brewery like Ken Grossman personally create each year with his first brewhouse?

To be continued as the video says….

Craft Beer is amazing storytelling. Thousands of individual breweries all making several recipes, all with clever or meaningful names, all with a distinct remnant of of the brewers personal take on an ingredient or style and all come with a story. And that’s just the beer! Factor in the stories behind the brewers and breweries themselves and you have literally have several stories per 6,655 brewers in the U.S. alone to yuk it up with over a pint or two.