If you can make the 43-yard field goal Cody Parkey missed, Goose Island will give you free beer for the year

08 January, 2019

Da Bears fans are a loyal pack but when the going got tough, the tough got to social media and handed Parkey his lunch (while Eagles bought him beers via a supposed Venmo account for Cody Parkey). Goose Island, located a short Uber ride north of downtown Chicago, has come to Parkey’s defense and offered quite the challenge, “kick a 43-yard field goal and win free beer for a year.”

The Chicago brewery posted the challenge of their Twitter account…

“A lot of armchair kickers on here are saying that they could hit that field goal, which we find DOUBTFUL. You’re gonna sit there on your throne of potato chips and vape pens and criticize this dude’s athleticism? GET REAL.”
This weekend during normal taproom hours Goose Island will set up field goal posts outside its taproom in Chicago. Fans can attempt kicking a 43-yard field goal during the brewery’s normal business hours this weekend, the Sun-Times reported. Patrons who make the kick will win free beer for a year.


“All you pro athletes can come out and prove us wrong,” Goose Island tweeted.

DME Notes:
1) If you don’t kick field goals (or soccer balls) regularly you’re going to walk away with one hell of shin splint
2) If you don’t kick field goals regularly you are not going to make the kick. 43 yards is technically 129 feet but it might as well be a mile.
3) If you do kick field goals regularly - GO GET YOUR BEER!