If we're ever going to drink beer in Space then your help is needed now!

14 May, 2018

Space tourism is imminent. Between Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson's efforts space tourism is no longer a thing of how but when. Enter 4 Pines Brewing Company (beer lovers) and Saber Astronautics(space gurus) from Manly, Australia. These two have joined forces of galactic proportions to create the world’s first beer for space - Vostok Space Beer, and it needs your help.

We're space geeks here at DME and everything about this mission was super cool to us, including the origin of the name Vostok. Back in 1961, humanity’s first ever manned space flight was aboard the vessel ‘Vostok’. Yuri Gagarin returned safely home after 90 minutes of flight and became a global legend.

The group has taken to Indiegogo, a familiar crowdfunding platform (Adventure Hoodie, hint, hint), to raise the funds to take this mission to the next level which means you can be a part of history. Imagine taking a sub-orbital trip around Earth for your birthday, having a beer and saying to loved ones "I actually helped fund this space beer!" The beer is brewed, now they need funding to create the bottle.

Challenge #1 - Brewing beer for space

The feat to brew beer for space is no light Earthling task. For starters, human physiology changes in zero gravity. Alcohol absorption by the human body is different. The tongue swells, the senses dull – altering the way food and drink tastes and wet burps (belching both liquid & gas) are a real thing. So the beer had to be re-imagined from scratch.


The beer is a Dry Irish Stout (5.1% ABV/40 IBU). According to 4 Pines "the baseline recipe is a dry Irish style Stout made with a seven-strong malt line-up. We picked a high flavored beer as the baseline recipe to ensure that space travelers could enjoy the full flavor of the smoky Irish style Stout, no matter how long the flight duration. The aroma profile is of coffee, chocolate and caramel malts. These are matched on the palette with a full bodies, smooth finish and a balancing bitterness."


Challenge #2 - The Bottle

Now that this crucial phase is complete we embark on the second biggest challenge, liquid’s inability to pour in zero gravity. This means that to drink beer from a bottle the same way that you do on Earth, a special space beer bottle needed to be created.That's where you/we come in.


Why get involved?

  • To do and own something that no human on the planet has ever done before
  • Be the first to get your hands on the world’s first beer for space.
  • You’ve got a ticket to ride and you think it’d be awesome to drink beer on your space flight.
  • You love beer.
  • You love space.
  • You want to support fun innovations like this so we can do more fun stuff that just makes the whole world a bit more fun.

You can support Vostok for a little as $5 (a space high-five) or up to $40,000 which will entitle you to be only one of six on board the maiden Zero Gravity flight, testing Space Beer with co-founders Dr. Held & Jaron, one of the first bottles of beer, luxury travel and accommodations a tour of NASA and more.

Be A Part Of History

We're just glad someone is thinking of this stuff!