Dunkin' Donuts Officially Gets Into The Beer Biz With A Brew Rolling Out This Fall

23 July, 2018

You might remember we ran a story about Dunkin' Donuts partnering with Wormtown Brewery last December to brew a coffee/beer collabortion. Well Dunkin' Donuts must have loved the taste of the beer business because they are back working with Haproon Brewing to create "Dunkin' Coffee Porter." We're going to start jogging now so we don't feel completely guilty later when this is released and we double down on our love for donuts and beer!

Even though the drink is a collaboration between Dunkin' and Harpoon, it will technically only be classified as a flavored malt beverage. As is stated on the labels, the "roasty" and "smooth" porter will be brewed with Dunkin' coffee and have a six percent alcohol-by-volume content.

"This porter is our tribute to all the days that Dunkin' has helped us fire up the brew kettle," states another one of the 12-ounce bottle labels.

Though Dunkin' has remained mum about their upcoming creation, Harpoon spokesman Chris Bonacci confirmed to that a "product is in the works" and is scheduled to debut in late October or early November when coffee beer season traditionally begins. Dunkin' Coffee Porter is expected to be distributed regionally, and if it's a hit, it might just roll out nationwide.