Drink The Beer, Take The Ride - Augmented Reality Beer Cans Tell A Whole New (Animated) Story

22 May, 2018

This author has tried acid, once. Long story short, the world became pleasantly animated and colorful as if I was smack dab in the middle of Wonderland with Alice. Watching the teaser video below of Up Front Brewing's new beer can idea of using augmented reality to animate their beer can designs immediately brought me back to that trip.

The Glasgow based agency has created cans for local independent brewer Up Front, using Moby Dick-inspired illustrations by artist Stanley Donwood. The black and white linocut images have a distinctive nautical theme and reflect Up Front brewer Jake Griffin’s passion for design. So far, Freytag Anderson has produced three designs for the brewery’s core range: Ishmael (American IPA), Yojo (Gose) and Ahab (American Stout), and plans to collaborate on future special ranges.

It is now working to animate the cans and create an augmented reality experience that can be viewed through an app. Yep, hold your phone up to the can and take the. We hear it's even better after you empty multiple cans, but what isn't?

Creative director at Freytag Anderson, Greig Anderson, said: “We decided to animate the cans as the artwork created by artist Stanley Donwood naturally had a strong sense of movement to it and a story to tell. We animated the flat artwork internally to create looping animations and then worked with our partners at Render Studio to create a series of 3D visualizations in which the packaging literally comes to life on can.

“The idea extended then to turning the concept into a reality and we are working with developers at the moment to establish a way to make the cans work using AR (augmented reality) allowing consumers to see the cans come to life in real time and provide an immerse animated experience through the use of their mobile device”.

Being pioneers in this endeavor, it was noted that "this may take a little time" but we're geeked to watch this project come to fruition.

[via The Drinks Business]