Drink a Beer, Save a Condor

30 May, 2018

In partnership with the Oregon Zoo Rogue Ales has created a crisp, light German-style Kolsch brewed to support the Oregon Zoo’s efforts to save the California condors.

California condors are the largest land birds in North America with wingspans of nearly 10 feet and were one of the original animals included in the 1973 Endangered Species Act. By the 1980s, only 22 remained in the wild, and all were brought under human care to save the species. Thanks to breeding programs like the one at the Oregon Zoo, the world’s California condor population now totals more than 460 birds, most of which are flying free.

“Condors are native to the Pacific Northwest and were commonly seen here during the Lewis and Clark Expedition,” noted Dr. Don Moore, Oregon Zoo director. “Ultimately, we’d love to see them return to the skies over Oregon.”

The most severe problem for the California Condor's recovery is accumulated lead poisoning and it's not just affecting the condors. Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and many other scavengers are affected by this obstacle. We feel honored to combine forces with the Oregon Zoo to help save these majestic birds.

You can get Condor Kolsch at any Rogue Pub on draft or in a hand-painted 22oz bottle, as well as at the Oregon Zoo. A portion of the proceeds from Rogue Condor Kolsch sales goes to support Oregon Zoo's California condor preservations efforts.


Oregon Zoo Condor Expert, Travis with a 22oz bottle of Condor Kolsch.