Dogfish Head's tribute to the Grateful Dead "American Beauty" Pale Ale gets remastered

13 December, 2018

Beer was easily one of the more innocent things ever ingested at a Dead show. But like all good music, a remaster is inevitable and after reaching out to true Deadheads this time around for suggestions on ingredients for their second iteration, Dogfish Head Brewery has officially released American Beauty, a hoppy pale ale brewed with granola and wildflower honey.

"We, at Dogfish, are inspired by The Grateful Dead’s music, along with their unprecedented ability to bridge long-lasting, meaningful connections with fans for decades on end," Sam Calagione, CEO and founder of Dogfish Head, said in a statement. "We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Dead for a second iteration of American Beauty and hope fans of free-spirited music and independent beer will join in welcoming back this classic pale ale."

American Beauty's ABV comes in at 6.5% as a tribute to the year the band was founded, 1965.

This time around, Dogfish Head says the collaboration will also involve working with the official Grateful Dead archivist, David Lemieux. "Dogfish Head will partner with Lemieux on a number of projects, including an immersive storytelling experience at their Rehoboth and Milton properties in early February," the brewery explained.

So “till the morning comes,” cheers!