Bread to Beer: Toast Ale might be the best thing for beer since, well, you know...

29 May, 2018

Simply put one-third of all food is wasted. That's an estimated 1.3 billion tons. Turns out bread leads the charge in wasted food items. In comes Toast Ales, a rev-ale-lutionary solution to chip away at the waste. A U.K. based operation, their delicious beer is brewed with unsold loaves from bakeries and unused crusts from sandwich makers. The only other ingredients are hops, yeast and water.

Two things make this even more interesting; 1) it's a sustainable brew process that is economically feasible for partnering breweries and 2) Toast gives 100% of profits to Feedback, an environmental charity campaigning to end food waste. By enjoying Toast, you’re helping to make the food system work for people and the planet, not for profit.

The Toast Ales movement is spreading, slowly, but definetly in the right direction with participating breweries in the U.S., Brazil, Iceland and South Africa joining in on the food waste to fresh brew solution.

Fun fact of this whole article - it's about 1 slice of bread per beer!

Toast even promotes a homebrew recipe so you can experience this process first hand. Give it a shot!