"Beer" for dogs: finally you can share everything!

15 October, 2018

If necessity is the mother of invention than finding a solution to help get your sick fur baby to maintain their health is solid necessity. Helping their Rottweiler mix, Rocky,  was the number one priority for Megan and Steve Long. After scouring the web and trying several suggested remedies for Rocky’s digestive problems Megan came up with no solutions that worked. Then she stumbled up a solution she could brew: "Beer" for dogs.

Dog "beer" is a nonalcoholic beverage packed with healthy ingredients for pooches. Fast forward almost a year, and Good Boy Dog Beer company sells three different beers throughout Houston in more than 20 dog-friendly restaurants and bars.

They call it beer because the process uses a lot of the same equipment a brewery does. They just skip the fermentation process.

Across the U.S., dog "breweries" have sprouted up in the past 10 years crafting beverages for dogs that allow owners to share a cold one with their pet while also giving them with a nutritious treat.


Since starting Good Boy Dog Beer in August, the couple has also shipped batches to other states and plans to introduce a fourth beer to their lineup: "Crotch Sniffin' Ale," made with unsalted peanuts and almonds, whole grain oats, cinnamon and water.
"IPA lot in the yard," "Session...Squirrel!" and "Mailman Malt Licker" contain various vegetables, meats and spices, but all three also have turmeric – an ingredient Long says is "amazing" for dog digestion.

All the brews Good Boy Dog Beer serves feature all-natural ingredients, she said. "We only use spices that are 100 percent friendly to dogs and have a health benefit," Long added.

Among the other companies selling dog beer in the United States: Happy Dog Beer Co. in Montana, Pet Winery in Florida (dog and cat wine & cocktails) and Apollo Peak (cat and dog wine) in Colorado.


Jenny Brown, CEO of Bowser Beer based in Seattle, says the brews aren't just a fad. "It's not just a seasonal or gifty thing," she said. "A lot of people use it as an everyday food topping."

In 2017, Americans spent almost $70 billion on their pets, and $29 billion of that on food alone, according to the not-for-profit American Pet Products Association. In 2007, overall expenditures were at just $41 billion, according to the trade association. Given how people invest in their dogs, Brown thinks growth will continue.



Good Boy Dog Beer

Happy Dog Beer Co. & GastroPUP

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