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Drinking Made Easy is best  known for the popular drinking travel TV show hosted by Zane Lamprey, enjoying three seasons on AXS TV. True fans of the show constantly checked into drinkingmadeeasy.com for cocktail recipes, drinking games, blog articles from industry writers as well as to get their hands on the latest DME gear while the show aired. The show was not renewed for a fourth season and while most of the crew moved on to the next project Chug, the website content slipped into an almost untouched state. Yet, the fans would not let it die. Even after being pulled off the air, drinkingmadeeasy.com's visitor numbers continued to grow.

Two years later Zane decided to revive the Drinking Made Easy website, with the help of a small crew, to be an online resource for all things drinking. He and the new crew threw out all the old content and started from scratch with all new content a overall look & feel. The new website focuses on five main categories; Beer, Spirits, Wine, Cocktails and Gear & Gadgets. As the site continues to grow, DME.com will feature articles on travel, top 10 iists, drinking games and more. Each category feature it's own style of article ranging from reviews to what's new. The website's "next up" feature will be video cocktails guides.

Like the website, Drinking Made Easy's social media also continued to grow since the season 3 and the new DME.com crew is going full force on Facebook, Twiiter and Instagram to welcome in their "Phoenix" year.