Zane's Adv3nture Company has some big announcements - including opportunities to travel and party with Zane...

30 August, 2019

We all know him as “the guy with the coolest job in the world.” Zane Lamprey has traveled to 71 countries shooting for Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy, Chug and Four Sheets which we’ve all come to love and rewatch with a passion over the years. As he traveled the world he found his deep passion for the outdoors and in 2017 Zane started Adv3nture. Adv3nture is an outdoor apparel company solving many of the traveling inconveniences he discovered on his journeys. Heading into its third year, Zane's Adv3nture company has a lot of major announcements to share with his fans.

Now you can be a part of the Adv3nture!


Adv3nture just launched their first public opportunity to own stock in the company. Using the Equity Based Crowdfunding platform StartEngine, fans can now own a piece of Zane’s Adv3nture business. Depending on the level of investment, you can grab cocktails with Zane, have dinner and drinks with Zane and even have Zane show up in your town to party!

The key difference between “reward based” crowdfunding (like Kickstarter) and “equity based” crowdfunding is when you financially support the equity based campaign you are directly purchasing ownership in the company. In this case, it’s a “best of both worlds” situation with the additional perks on top of your straight investment.

“Adv3nture was born on crowdfunding platforms. We’ve successfully launched all of the current items you see in our online store through initial crowdfunding campaigns. When we looked at options to raise capital for our next phase of the company, the equity based crowdfunding option with fan-centric bonus perks was an easy choice,” says Lamprey.


 The Adv3nture team looked at several paths to raise the capital it requires to make that next big step in the company. But as Zane points out “ using equity based crowdfunding not only allows us to keep the most control of the company but it was the only option where the fans who have supported me over the years have a true opportunity to have stake in the game with us.”

Following the success of four successful crowdfunding campaigns for apparel items, the Adv3nture team’s equity based crowdfunding campaign is already off to a successful start after day one. “We are quickly on our way to our goal of raising an initial $1M from the support and passion of my fans and followers. It’s amazing,” exclaimed Lamprey.

Check out the investment page here. With several levels of investment opportunity you can get purchase ownership in Adv3nture for a little as $250. And, if you’ve got the dough, go ahead and lock down your party with Zane by becoming a bigger investor in his company!

Introducing ECTO


Opening up ownership opportunities wasn’t the only major announcement for Adv3nture. With a lot of excitement in his voice, Zane explained, “This seemed like a perfect opportunity to announce our new ECTO division in Adv3nture - curated trips around the world and in the U.S. that I will personally be hosting.”


ECTO (which stands for “Experiential Curated Transformative Outings”) brings together all of Lamprey’s passions and expertise. Who better to go on an amazing trip with and have as your personal tour guide than the guy that has seen it and done it in style for over 20 years?! ECTO, which will launch in 2020, and will feature one-of-a-kind experiences of all levels and open to anyone with an adventurous spirit and willingness to create everlasting memories.

Stay tuned for more announcements about the ECTO trips in early 2020.

New Items Are Coming



Adding new items to the Adv3nture.com store is one of Zane's favorite parts of owning Adv3nture. If you've followed the Adv3tnure journey lately you know the backpacks are coming this October but because we're DME.com we get to share an exclusive - Adv3nture will soon be launching new flannel shirts for men and women.

Shortly after the new flannels launch Adv3nture will be releasing another new line-up of apparel that have been in R&D for over three months. Make sure you follow #adv3nture on social media and stay up on all the latest.


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