Wine Aerators – The Fast Forward Button Of Wine Decanting

23 February, 2015

You love wine. You know it’s better if the wine can “breath” a little before you pour, sip and enjoy but you don’t always have the time, or remember. Decanting is a process centuries old. The Romans let decanted wine sit for hours in the belief it brought out a wine’s aromas and mellowed harsh tannins.

In comes science thousands of years later and the introduction of the wine aerator, cutting hours downs to seconds. One of the first aerators to market was the Vinturi Wine Aerator back in 2006. Ten years later and there’s a slew of wine aerators on shelves and the internet marketplace.

The process is wonderfully simple 1) hold the aerator above your glass while 2) pour wine through the top of the aerator. As the wine flows through the aerator and it "breathes" as bubbles are sent through it.

No two aerators are alike but at the core they all do the same thing, quickly introduce air into the wine by expanding the surface area of wine. The newer aerators not only cut the decanting time down to seconds but they filter our sediment, feature non-spill pourers, act as stopper or perform all of the above.

Does it work? Yes. Emphatically yes! The Drinking Made Easy team has enjoyed many varietals of wine in our time and we all have an aerator in our kitchen cupboards. Some of us don’t mind the “punchier” first sips from the newly uncorked bottle but with an aerator in arms reach we’ve become spoiled to tasting the softer, mellow wine from the start.

Should you use it every time if you don’t have to time to properly decant? For a long while the consensus within the team was always “of course.” We thought every bottle and every varietal needed to “breath” and thus if we forget to open a bottle hours in advance we should just cheat the process and aerate. Then we went to a tasting where our wine tour guide Steven brought out two of the same bottles and his aerator. He told us we were going to try their estate Pinot Noir with and without the aerator.

“Neither version is correct. They are both different but equally proper ways to enjoy this wine.” Steven continued to explain that he couldn’t speak for too many wines but this specific Pinot’s profile was great right after opening the bottle and great after letting it decant for two or more hours (or in seconds if you aerator cheat!)

Since this fateful tasting we don’t always jump to the aerator if we failed to decant earlier in the day but we can honestly say about 75% of the time our aerator’s come out and do their magic.

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