These Accessories Enhance Any Wine Passion

17 February, 2016

Today is National Drink Wine Day and there’s no better excuse to enhance your wine drinking experience by adding one, two or all of the items below to your world. Like wine, any enhancement from a decanter to glassware is a personal choice of style, design and love. We’ll help uncork your imagination so you can go out there and get something just right.

Cooler Glassware



How many of us open up our cabinets to find miss-matched wine stemware from various cheap sets we’ve collected over the years. It’s time to enjoy your wine in one of the most important aspects of drinking wine - the glass.

Zalto glasses will elevate your wine drinking experience and stature. These glasses are hand blown all in one piece. They're also remarkably sturdy—and Zalto recommends that you wash them in the dishwasher. If you're choosing one shape, choose the Universal.

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2-Step Bottle Opener



This is the real go-to tool for any waiter, bartender and home bar operator. The two-step lifts the cork out smoothly and in a vertical direction all the through the corking process. No more cracked or broken corks half way through the pull.

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Wine decanters are not only functional but now-a-days come in several beautiful designs accentuating your wine bar or kitchen. When you have the time (or remember early enough) pouring your wine into a decanter hours before your meal/celebration will “decant” or mellow your wine out smoothly helping turn that Merlot into Merlot silk. Think of the low-and-slow method of cooking but for letting your wine breathe.

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Opposite of decanters, when you don’t have time (or forget) to decant your wine, you can put the decanting process on fast-forward with a wine aerator. These little wonders instantly “decant” your wine through an aeration process normally proprietary to individual models, yet the science is all the same - increase air surface exposure and mellow out your wine. Some brands are straight aerators, some are 4-in-1’s with filters, bottle toppers, aerators and pourers.

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Wine Racks



Lets face it - wine racks are art. It doesn’t matter if it’s a four bottle wine rack or thousand bottle wine rack, these functional pieces of the wine world can accentuate any room. Modern, minimalist, glass, bent brushed steel, cedar, wall hanging. Find one that’s just right for your room and show off that rack.

Wine Refridgerator



After getting one these it was a moment of “why did we wait so long?” A large amount of casual wine drinkers have some sort of wine rack or kitchen counter to hold your wine but how many of us live in a space the keeps a constant temperature throughout the year, let alone the right temperature. You can get wine coolers in all sizes from almost any online retailer or even your local box store (Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, etc.). Trust us, after you do, you’ll wish you splurged earlier.

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Outdoor Wine Stakes



Now these are just fun. You have your Adirondack chairs all set-up, the lawn mowed low, the sun gently overhead (hey, it’s almost spring!) - all that’s missing is a cool way to keep your bottle and glasses handy. Outdoor wine spikes are just the coolest, simple way to enhance that chill mode.

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Fun Bottle Stoppers


bottle stopper

Do you just squeeze the cork back in that half finished bottle? Boring. C;mon, have some fun keeping your wine fresh for the next go around with a bottle stopper that has some personality. Funny, dirty, cheeky, your favorite sports team - get a few!

Picnic Wine Set



This may fall into another “why did we wait so long” category. If you have hiking shoes, you’ll go hiking. Have a bike, you’ll go bike riding. If you have a hip little wine & cheese picnic/backpack you’re going to go on a stroll and have some wine & cheese. With spring on the way and summer right behind, a picnic wine set is a great gift for yourself for the new year. Once you own one, your wine drinking world will never be larger!

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Single Bottle Wine Chiller



Many wine drinkers choose a temperature out of custom or habit, and don’t know that they may enjoy their wines more at a different temperature. In general, more full bodied whites such as Chardonnay should be drunk slightly warmer, at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lighter bodied wines like Pinot Grigio should be drunk colder, around 42-46 degrees. Sparkling wines and most roses should be drunk in the low 40s as well. Wine straight out of the refrigerator is typically around 35-40 – colder than its ideal serving temperature.