The Corkscrew That Sends A Statement

27 January, 2016

Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews are considered by most to be the best Laguiole waiter's style corkscrew on the market today and make for a truly unforgettable gifts for any wine lover.

Laguiole is a commune in the Aveyron department in southern France and as the birthplace of the Laguiole knife.

As Laguiole designates a type of knife and is not a brand or trade name of cutlery, Laguiole knives are manufactured globally. This has caused the market to be flooded with inexpensive knives made in Asia. Quality Laguiole knives are handcrafted in France by skilled workers. The French production is shared between the cutlery hub town of Thiers, and the village of Laguiole: both of these places are working together since more than 150 years A quality manufacturer will proudly emboss his trademark or signature into the steel of his knives. "Made in France" will often be embossed as well. This is the origin's guarantee.

Check out over 60 beautifully crafted Laguiole corkscrews including the Classic series, Gran Cru series or even a Mammoth Tusk handle version at


Chateau Laguiole Mammoth Tusk Outside Bark - Precious Handle Series