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29 February, 2016

The core function of this App is simple: take a photo of any wine label and instantly learn that wine's rating, review, and average price - info totally supplied by Vivino's 14 million users. We'd love this App just for this feature alone but Vivino is bundled with more useful functionality that you'll actually find yourself using. Oh and did we mention this 4.5 star rated App is free. The also have a great website with wine news and a ton more -


Core Function - Scan & Pick Better Wine

Scan any wine label to see which wines to buy and which to leave on the shelf. This could seem like a daunting task, do you really see yourself sidestepping up and down the wine isle snapping photos? Scratch the awkward stroll because you can use the built-in burst mode! Great feature within a feature that we wish other Apps utilized.

How do you trust the ratings? The Vivino 5-star system is much newer, and for longtime wine geeks, it's hard to know how they compare to such trusted wine rating systems such as Robert Parker and Wine Spectator. Not anymore. Vivino examined over 5,000 wines that had a Robert Parker rating, a Wine Spectator rating and a Vivino rating (with over 30 total ratings). This is how they compare:

vivino ratings explained 1 ratings

If you've been using Robert Parker and Wine Spectator ratings to help you choose and purchase wines, you can now better rely on Vivino to help you evaluate wines that are not rated by these experts. Industry analysts estimate that at least 75% of all wines produced are never rated by any wine critic, let alone by the esteemed Robert Parker or Wine Spectator. Vivino helps fill this gap, to help you find great wines not rated by the critics. Boom!

New Features: Scan multiple wines in one burst and see ratings instantly and compare wines to easily pick the best bottle.


Wine List Scanner

This is one of our favorite features of the App. Wine lists are just daunting, no way around it. Even if you do cut down half of your options by choosing white or red, you're left with several varietals, several regions and then several options within these sub-categories. So you quasi-blindly choose something based on a familiar name or price range, or ask your waiter/wine steward for some input but when you do this you never really learn, you're just taking a shortcut. Vivino's wine list scanner gives you the power to quickly dig into the wine list, learn what your options are and ultimately make a more educated decision beyond just choosing on price or the safety pick. The educated choice is what makes being a wine drinker a little more fun.



Build Your Profile

This is cool - Vivino automatically tracks and organizes the wines you scan and rate, creating a fun chart to showcase your wine experiences. Discover new wines and see how you rank against your friends and the Vivino community.



Scan & Buy

Yes, they put a "buy" link in the App! Check prices to find the best deals and buy wine online or find wine merchants in your area with Nearby and see pricing. Not only can you buy right from the App, but you'll know you're getting the best pricing.


App Features

• Take a photo of any label for instant information on the wine
• Get to know the entire wine list: Take a photo to see ratings and reviews
• Check prices to find the best deals and buy wine online
• Find wine merchants in your area with Nearby and see pricing
• See popular and trending wines in your area with weekly updated Top Lists
• Connect with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Contacts
• Like and comment on your friends’ wines to have a little more fun
• Follow Featured Users to see what the wine-savvy crowd enjoys
• Save wines to your Wish List to cheer yourself up on a rainy day
• Browse wines, ratings and reviews from more than 10 million users
• Upload photos from your photo album to add to your wine list
• Scan offline: Images are saved and upload resumes when you are connected

 Upgrade to Vivino Premium for even more features.

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