He's Back - Zane Lamprey's "Four Sheets" Debuts, Taking You Back On Tour Of The World's Drinking Cultures

26 August, 2018

Maybe you marched in the "Bring Back Three Sheets" rally or maybe you are one of the many persistent "bring back Drinking Made Easy" commentors on our social media posts. No matter where you voiced your love for more Zane, those requests have finally been answered with the debut of Four Sheets!

Four Sheets found its new home on the BrewDog Newtwork, a new online streaming network created by BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie. "The idea became a reality exactly how you would imagine it, through several nights of great (many) drinks and silly ideas. In the end, James and Martin were all in and officially gave the show the green light earlier this year," according to host Zane Lamprey.

Four Sheets season 1 travels to Paris, Switzerland, Perú, Greece, Mexico City, Grand Cayman. Zane excitedly reported "We even brought back the DME and Three Sheets production dream team with the lovely Mel, Cameraman Gio, Chad the Sound Guy, Producer Josh and a new team member Joel - all worthy drinking adversaries. But no Steve. Sorry Steve."


The first episode, which is now available, explores Perú. "When I started researching destination for locations we should go to in the inaugural season of Four Sheets, Machu Picchu was one of the first locations on the list. But in order to justify going there, we needed to ensure it would make an amazing episode, and not just enable us to cross an item off of our bucket list. Thankfully, the drinking culture in Cusco is one of the most historic, diverse, and unique of any I’ve come across. So, I was beyond pleased that I’d get to visit the world wonder for which Cusco serves as a gateway," Zane reveals on the official FourSheets.com episode guide.

If you head to FourSheets.com you can find the drink recipes from each show, location guides, episode insigts from Zane as well as the drinking games for each episode. Drinking games you ask? Yes, Pleepleus is back as well as other shenanigans.


As a super sweet bonus, the BrewDog network purchased the rights to Drinking Made Easy TV show episodes so now all three seasons are officially available for your streaming pleasure on the BrewDog Network! On a small side note, this website and the online store are still official Zane Lamprey owned and operated projects.

You can watch Four Sheets and all the Drinking Made Easy episodes now on the BrewDog Network. The BrewDog Network is a subscription service ($4.99/mo) with several other drinking related shows now streaming. You can also sign-up for a free 7-day trial.