Go Low - having a pint at America's southernmost bar

22 November, 2017

On a daydream style cruise around Kona a.k.a. "the big island" on the Mamalohoa Highway you'll catch a sign on the side of the road boasting "America's Southernmost Bar" and if you're like the DME team, you just have to stop in a for a pint at the South Side Shaka Restaurant.

You can't go wrong with a snack of local Ono or Ahi but for us the alure was putting a check in an unexpected checkbox of drinking in America's southernmost bar. Without looking at a map or checking with Google you're mind might want to argue south of El Paso, Miami even just south of Baja, California would be able to boast this claim but it's not and the menu's have the coordinates to prove it.


It's not the Ritz, but it's a bar with plenty of  cold beers and Aloha attitude.