Binny's Beverage Depot has teamed up with retail delivery firm Instacart to offer Chicago consumers a one-hour alcohol delivery service. The new service is already active and offers same-day delivery of beers, wines and spirits to consumers of legal drinking age.

We’ve all heard some story about a Shaman healing their tribes sickness with a special blend of nature or watched Sean Connery find a cure for Cancer in Medicine Man ala some wondrous plant, tree bark or insect combo. It’s widely accepted, and proven, that there’s a lot growing out there that’s down right good for us.

OK, that particular post we'll put up in a few years. BUT Amazon is promising to deliver booze to New Yorkers in under 60 minutes.

Amazon has already told us (and showed us) that they’ve put millions of dollars into developing their drone delivery system, and just this week Amazon launched their booze delivery service in New York City (with a few hiccups). Think about it-- five years ago, it was nearly unfathomable that you’d one day click a button on your phone as you watched the premiere episode of Game of Thrones and have a bottle of rum knocking on your door in before the episode was over. But today it’s just a countdown to when the two services will mesh together.