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Giovanni Albanese Jr.

Bio: Giovanni is a writer by trade, covering everything from government and public safety to talent shows and professional sports for various community newspapers. He has been an avid home brewer since 2008 where he has concocted more than 100 beers in his little free time. When he’s not writing or brewing, he can be found with his closest pals watching a game or old episodes of Drinking Made Easy and Three Sheets while pounding a beer or three. Giovanni’s tastes ebb and flow with the seasons. In the winter, he enjoys a good stout, but in the summer, he’s perfectly fine downing a light-ish beer.

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Chuck Noll

Bio: Chuck Noll is the Master of Fine Beer at World Class Beer in Arizona, a division of Crescent Crown Distributing.  In that role he works intimately with suppliers and accounts to help grow the craft beer culture in the state.  He has been passionate about craft beer since 1978, first as a consumer and later as part of the industry.  Chuck writes articles on beer for several publications and frequently appears on local television to talk about craft beer.  His expertise is evidenced by his status as one of only 300 Certified Cicerones in the country, an industry standard akin to a sommelier for wine.  Chuck also serves on the Board of Directors of The Beer for Brains Foundation, a Phoenix based charity that supports brain cancer research and awareness. He lives in Cave Creek, Arizona with his wife of 22 years and teenage daughter.  He also has two grown children.    Twitter    Chuck’s Blogs

BJ Gamboa

Bio: B.J. began his drinking career in earnest in the Blue Mountains of Virginia where he studied extensively under the Reverend Jack Daniels and Professor Jim Beam.  After college, he moved to Beantown where he developed a taste for beer.  However, B.J.’s interest in craft didn’t start until he moved back to his native Lawn Guyland where he began to dabble in home brewing.  Currently, he is more interested in consumption rather than production but hopes to one day have is own über-nano-brewery, stop working for Da Man and to while away his time reading, writing, brewing, drinking and cage fighting.  He lives with his lovely (and tolerant) wife and their 17-year old dachshund, Zoo.

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Carrie Dow

Carrie Dow

Bio: Carrie Dow is a freelance travel writer whose work has appeared in Islands, International Living and Go World Travel. She is also the International Pet Examiner for where she writes about animal-based travel and animal welfare issues around the world. She recently published a children’s book about her annoying cat called Morning, Miss Moo, available in hard copy and digital format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. She has been blogging for Drinking Made Easy since January of 2011, which puts over 20 years of imbibing to practical use.

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Virtual Nihilist

Bio:  A Brooklyn boy who didn’t discover the joys of cocktailing until rather late in life when he saw an obscure little TV show called “Three Sheets”, he enjoys writing about spirits and mixology — and enjoys researching them even more.     Blog    Twitter     Facebook     Google+    Virtual Nihilist Blogs

Christopher Osburn

Bio: Christopher Osburn is a freelance writer located in Rochester, NY. If you don’t know where Rochester is, just assume that Chris is Canadian. He’s totally OK with that. Chris has been writing about fine beverages since 2006 when he somehow got a gig as a beer columnist for the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in Rochester. Since then, he has gone on to write about the topic for (Beer columnist, sports editor and part owner), Mutineer Magazine, Drinking Made Easy and Chilled Magazine where he is a writer and editor. On top of writing about guzzling beer and sipping wine, Chris is a regular contributor to Inside Lacrosse Magazine where he writes about college and professional lacrosse. He has also written for Genesee Valley Parent Magazine, Rochester Insider Magazine, ConXion Magazine and If that isn’t enough, Chris is a World-Class leg guitarist and grilled cheese enthusiast.    Chris’s Blogs

Jen Harris

Bio: Jen Kearney Harris, or as she’s known to her close (and really all) friends, The Liquor Chick, has been in the booze business ever since she was legal (or so this uber-official bio would have you believe). From working at a liquor company, to bartending, to event planning, to founding her own all-natural cocktail mixer company, this DME blogger has been on all sides of the bottle, and writes about a wide variety of topics surrounding  her favorite past-time, healthy drinking. She’s also the owner of an award-winning salsa business. We bet it’s no surprise that Cinco de Mayo holds a dear place in her heart, so you’ll have to excuse her lack of blog entries ‘round that time of year.   Facebook     Twitter     Blogger     Jen’s Blogs

Blair Phillips

Contrary to popular belief, Canadians are not genetically pre-disposed to playing hockey or hunting wildlife. However, when it comes to our Canadian Correspondent, Blair is more than willing to hunt down some of the best spirits and beer from across the world. As a freelance travel writer, he’s not afraid to take a puck in the face if it means discovering something new. He pushes to find the story behind the drink and its craft – making the thirst quenchers he writes about all that more mouth watering.

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Erin Peters

Erin Peters has been enticing beer drinkers since before beer blogging was really cool. It’s really cool, right? She started on its carbonated path of intoxicating reviews & articles about the craft breweries and people behind the beer in 2008 and hasn’t turned back since. Erin is orig­i­nally from Thou­sand Oaks and went to col­lege at San Diego State University for Jour­nal­ism, graduating in 1998. Rearrange the letters in SDSU and you get SUDS. Coincidence? Or, divine inspiration? Either way, The Beer Goddess was meant to be.     Facebook     Twitter    Erin’s Blog

Evil Eddie C

Bio: Evil Eddie C is a father of four, living and driking just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He plays bass in a punk band called Kermit’s Finger, is happily married and gainfully employed on a full time basis. He has a BA in writing from Emerson College, a Masters in hanging over, and a PhD from the school of hard knocks. He drinks and reviews beer not just for himself, but for beer drinking internet surfers everywhere. But mostly for himself. His specialty is beer, but he has been known to have a cocktail on occasion.       Eddie’s Blogs

Joey Lombardi

Joey Lombardi was once named “Who’s who among American High School Students”, he was never able to repeat that early success.  People often ask him why he writes/blogs with his free time, his typical response is “it is better than actually talking to people”.  Area of Expertise: Breathing.  Favorite Drink: Hendricks Gin and Tonic (with a cucumber)      Twitter     Joey’s Blogs

7 copy 2Karima Mariama-Arthur

Karima is an avid wine connoisseur and one of an increasing number of women to join the ranks of wine professionals around the globe.  Her practical experience includes Wine Educator, Paradise Springs Winery; Wine Consultant/Lecturer, BlancNoire; and investment cellaring. Her professional credentials include Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers and Advanced Certification (Merit), Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Karima has been investment cellaring for over 10 years and enjoys collecting all things red, white, and sparking, as well as fine cognacs, bourbons, vodkas, tequilas, and rums. When not writing about wine, she loves to entertain with it! From apéritif to digestif, she makes sure that guests enjoy good food, wine, and wholesome conversation.

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