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If you ask Siri to pour you a drink she'll bring you back five results of nearby watering holes. If you ask JIM to pour you a drink, you'll get just that without lifting a finger. The world's first smart decanter may be sold out but as the website states "Check back soon for "JIM" to return.
In 1975 Anchor Brewing released the first holiday beer in America since Prohibition. Every year, Anchor creates a new, secret recipe with a completely unique label for their Christmas Ale, but the intent with each brew remains the same: joy and celebration of the newness of life.
Twice hopped, quad hopped, hopped hopped, wet hopped, live hopped - it sounds like a Dr. Suess book and it's gotten a little silly by a lot of people's beer loving standards. It seems like mid-grade standard of 80 IBU's in the "hop-centric" craze of late has caused hop prices to get out of reach. In response we're starting to see now is more brewers experimenting with traditional flavourings like malted barley.
Most of us have done it at some point in our life - thought we were so smart to take the train to the big city for a night of partying only to fall asleep on the ride home, missing our stop by a longshot in the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, Tokyo’s transport chiefs have chartered a unique bus service to help Christmas party-goers get home safe even when they’re too drunk to stay awake. Every Christmas for the past four years, the rescue-bus has been ferrying fatigued revellers in their hour of need.

This year we noticed more "boozy" advent calendars than we have in the past so we're shedding some light on where to snag a few "doors of fun" as we head right into December cheer. The first advent calendars date back to between the 18th and 19th century and while they were first used by German Lutheran's advent calendars are fairly ubiquitous amongst all excited for the countdown to Christmas.


Tiki drinks just make us smile. Tiki drinks in our favorite Star Wars characters' adorable Tiki mug definitely makes us smile just a little more. Just in time for our Star Wars binge party before the release of The Last Jedi in a couple weeks!
Small Business Saturday was invented by American Express in 2010. While we love to hate our credit card companies this concept is pretty solid when it reminds us to get off of Amazon Prime account for a moment and visit a local small business. Of course here at DME.com we couldn't think of a better place to go support small business than to have a pint or two at local brewery!
The Powder Room – a plush bar in the heart of Los Angeles that is known for its high-end audiences and the frequent foot-fall of celebrity clientele recently upped its quotient with a cocktail milkshake that costs a jaw-breaking $500! Yep, you read that right! It comes loaded with the most exotic of ingredients and is certainly worth a try if you have em’ cash!
On a daydream style cruise around Kona a.k.a. "the big island" on the Mamalohoa Highway you'll catch a sign on the side of the road boasting "America's Southernmost Bar" and if you're like the DME team, you just have to stop in a for a pint at the South Side Shaka Restaurant.
Texas's Oldest brewery is opening a new beer garden addition and is offering exclusive perks to join the Saint Arnold Society including free beer for life.
Take your Holiday gatherings to the next level with the ultimate dessert pairing: Craft Beer and Pie! Take it from us, we love our beers but we're pretty sure we love sweets even more and there's no better opportunity to put these pairings to the test than this Thursday!
This boozy concoction got its name because it looks like a snowman jumped into a pool of beer. But take it from us, though it may be sweet, proceed with caution.
Seattle’s most famous eggnog usually sells out fast, but the busy bees at Sun Liquor swear this won’t be an issue this season. They started batching earlier: Oct. 10, working 10-hour shifts.
Even on an open air rooftop bar in Miami you can still smell the fresh muddled mint of the Mojito's floating around the bar deck. Miami, known for it's nightlife, hosts an ocean skyline you can watch for hours, if you ever get tired of the endless entertainment of people watching.

New shit must have come to light, Jeff Bridges is selling his sprawling 19.5-acre Californian vineyard estate for $23.5m. Considering the fact the first owner was Kenny Loggins, maybe shortly after moving in your career will also hit a new high.


Full editorial disclosure, this isn't a done deal. Anheuser-Busch InBev, Bud's parent Belgium-based company, has reportedly asked the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for permission to use labeling that replaces the beer's name with that of this great nation. A few other star-spangled phrases would be included as well: "E Pluribus Unum," "from the redwood forest to the Gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me," and "indivisible since 1776."
The wit, wisdom and audacity of such famous whiskey drinkers as Mark Twain, Johnny Carson and Ernest Hemingway have left us all with quotes to drink by. The Whiskey Legends Rocks Glass Sets by Bourbon & Boots immortalizes such quotes in beautifully etched crystal glassware. These are truly thoughtful gifts or get a set for yourself for that thought provoking quiet night by the fire.
Extravagant hats and the Julep are as symbolic to  the Kentucky Derby as the twin spires at Churchill Downs. We put together Julep recipes that will have your friends asking if you’re hosting a Derby party next year.
Just in case you forgot your high school Spanish we'd thought we help out! This Cinco de Mayo the American craft beer world has some cool alternatives to the ol' trusty Corona, Dos Equis (and other great Mexican lagers, including Modelo) to party it up with tonight.
Beer and tequila are best friends! Instead of going old school with some shots, a mexican beer back with a terrible tomorrow morning we've put together six "beergaritas" that may make your Cinco de Mayo celebration more fun and tomorrow a little more enjoyable, maybe.
Fresh is big in craft beer, and not just for the brews, but for the brand too. From the very beginning craft beer packaging art has been just as cool as the craft movement itself (Pete’s Wicked Ale anyone?). Design evolves as the days pass us by so when a brewery molts their early first skins, it’s an exciting moment for the brewery, fans and craft beer industry as a whole. Evolution is strength.
This little breathalyzer just made it on to our Bat Belt of life. The AlcoMate Revo is DOT approved for Law Enforcement use and widely used in the Medical, Military and Corporate landscape so it’s legit. It’s also a popular addition to the evening it turns out. On a night where we did some in-depth reporting with a few friends and it was time to bust out the Revo to check for accuracy the little breathalyzer immediately became a “I'm next” center of attention moment at the party.
"Yeah, can I get an iced venti lager..." With a large coffee and a Lolo Lid you'll have a nice stealth beer. The lid snaps on the top of the majority of standard sized beer 12oz. and 22oz cans (not on Fosters, Crowlers and other irregular sizes). It's as easy to drink from as drinking a coffee. They do suggest trying it on an unopened can a few times to loosen up the clips when you first get it.
Walker’s Point in Milwaukee, WI is thriving and one of the shining stars in this neighborhood's resurgence is Central Standard Craft Distillery. Conveniently located next to Milwaukee Brewing Co., and by conveniently located we mean actually leasing space from the brewery which was previously used to store random stuff, the 1600 square foot facility is distillery, tasting room and gorgeous bar all wrapped up in one.
City #4 - New York, NY. NYC loves its rooftop bars. There's simply too many great locations to squeeze into a single article so for New York we'll be doing this in multiple segments throughout the "rooftop drinking" season. From the tourist spots to the after work happy-hour favorites let's get started...
Containing seven ‘major botanicals’ and drinkable pure collagen, the gin is described as “the alcoholic equivalent of a facial”. Created for Warner Leisure Hotels by wacky culinary innovation company Bompass & Parr, the aptly named 40% ABV Anti-AGin is said to be the “first gin of its kind” that allows gin fans to “rejuvenate” their skin while drinking. Finally!
An almost-forgotten design of shaker, the Konga Shaker, dating back to the 1930's has been brought back by the team behind Monkey Shoulder whiskey.
We’ve all heard about the health benefits of drinking red wine, but what about health benefits of beer? In the infographic below, you can see you're still receiving health benefits for drinking an IPA over a glass of Merlot. We’ve detailed the top ten reasons why beer is actually healthy in moderation, which is enough for us to raise our glasses in celebration. Cheers!
We're holding a competition to find out who will be the next DrinkingMadeEasy.com team member. You submit the article and our fans will help us decide who the next writer is. Entry is now open and ends May 9th.
The folks at Stone are especially proud of this year's "devastatingly dank" IPA from their Enjoy By series. Many beers pair well with flavors in dishes like lamb, pork and chicken. We'll go out on a limb and say this one is going to pair popularly with brownies, ice cream and Funyuns (yeah!).
Two or three drinks in, your conversation skills might really start to flow but until then, here's 20 Beer Facts that might break that "I only know you from my wife's friend of a friend but we obviously like beer" awkward silence situation. Source: (thrillist)

City #2 - Chicago, IL. The weather is just starting to get outdoor bearable (still a few April showers on the weather watch as we write this, but still). Here's DME's top list of six rooftop bars to get above the noise and look down on all the sights while still drinking in some of that Lake Michigan air:

If an Ernest Hemingway quote doesn't inspire you, maybe one of these handcrafted writing pens re-purposed from bourbon & whiskey barrels will get your inner writer going. A classy gift as the a bottle of bourbon itself.
In case you needed a reason to visit the beautiful islands of Fiji then we introduce you to Cloud9. This floating paradise is located literally in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but turquoise blue water, coral reef and the horizon!
Unless your name is Jules and you work for Marsellus Wallace then you'll agree that bacon smells good, bacon tastes good and bacon downright makes everything "just a little better." Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon (Formerly Bacon Bourbon USA) takes two of America’s greatest assets and challenges the boundaries of their potential by fusing them in the world’s first and original bottled bacon bourbon.
The 2016 Deschutes Street Pub Tour is an outdoor pub of epic proportions that Deschutes Brewing brings to your town. The seven even tour kicks off on May 15th in Arlington, VA and runs through October ending in Sacramento, CA. The Street Pub features fresh offerings of rare beers released throughout the day, cooking demos which you actually get to eat, live music, the beer shot ski and lot of shenanigans that will have you wondering where the day went when it's over.
San Diego has no shortages of great places to grab a drink but when the sun goes we love to go up, to the rooftop. Rooftop bars get you above the hustle & bustle and provide you with a first class view of the night sky. We love a good cocktail or local brew with the skyline of the city we're visiting as a backdrop. Their almost endless viewing pleasures, fresh air, fire pits and true taste of the nightlife make rooftop bars a must on any of our travels.
Cheers! Today is a historically significant day for all beer lovers from consumers to brewers. On April 7, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer, in the United States, as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV).  Beer drinkers celebrated and were happy to be able to purchase beer again for the first time in thirteen years.

The Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent craft brewers—today released its annual lists of the top 50 craft and overall brewing companies in the U.S., based on beer sales volume. Of the top 50 overall brewing companies, 43 are what the BA considers “craft,” meaning they meet the organization’s requirements of being “small” (having annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less), “independent” (at least 75 percent owned or controlled by a craft brewer) and “traditional” (at least 50 percent of the beer produced by the brewery is made with “traditional or innovative” ingredients).

“The top U.S. brewers continue to drive demand, growth, innovation and exponential interest in beers from small and independent brewers,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association. “With a historic record number of breweries in the U.S., the top brewers continue to open new markets and expose beer drinkers to a variety of fuller-flavored styles and offerings.”
Cheers to our globe-trotting, beer drinking, cocktail making, favorite travel host on his birthday. Zane only wants two things on his birthday - 1) Subscribe to Zane's World YouTube Channel and 2) Well, you'll have to watch his birthday message from Germany to find out...
Is it silly? Yes. Did some people get fooled? Yes, even if it was just for a few seconds. A lot of people had fun today, including ourselves, and these breweries are no exception either. We feel the Joker would be pleased today with these breweries. So Happy Friday, have a good laugh, be on guard for next year and most of all enjoy the silly, even if it's just for a few moments.
Seattle, Washington resident Stephen McKenna wins California State Lottery for over $7,000,000. “I was visiting my friend, Zane Lamprey, down in Los Angeles. Holy [expletive] this is crazy. We went out one night and drank a bunch, then I thought we should buy lottery tickets. He told me I was crazy. But, if you don't play, you can't win”.
Recently we posted a video on our Facebook page of a robot pouring a beer just for some “hump day” fun. Two days ago Texterator, a text ordering/beer pouring machine, debuted and it had the beer flowing almost as fast as people were texting in their orders. Maybe the days of desperately trying to make awkward eye contact with the bartender just for a beer are almost over.
Hey sports fans - Anchor Brewing and the San Francisco Giants release the first ever Major League Baseball and craft beer collaboration; Orange Splash Lager, a limited edition brew available just in time for the first pitch of the 2016 season.
Spring is here and brewery seasonal programs are getting bigger and better every year. Spring seasonal releases are a great way to shake off that cabin fever and those heavier winter ale's and lagers by enjoying beers with a focus on crispness and more fruit & citrus forward on those carefree sunny days ahead.

We love the St. Patrick's Day traditions; pinching those who don't wear green, boiling up the corned beef & cabbage or heading to the pub for a pint or four of Guinness but do you really know why? Here's seven St. Paddy's Day traditions explained.

In 2007, Dos Equis introduced us to the “Most Interesting Man in the World.” Three days ago Dos Equis aired a video of the Most Interesting Man boarding a private rocket ship headed for Mars on a one way journey. “Get a last look at this brave pioneer who will not be returning,” the voice-over says as a line of fawning admirers in various cultural garbs wait to bid him farewell. “His only regret is not knowing what regret feels like.”
In 1979, 200 people attended the first AHA National Homebrewers Conference, held in Boulder, Colorado. The conference is now recognized as the world’s most largely-attended conference devoted to amateur brewers with nearly 3000 homebrewer's making the trek this year to Homebrew Con 2016. Conference week events (brewery tours and pub crawls), Homebrew Expo & Social Club, Seminars, Craft Beer Kickoff Party, Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head Brewing) Keynote, Grand Banquet & Award Ceremony - c'mon this sounds pretty cool for any level of homebrewer.
Ninkasi Brewing, located in Eugene Oregon, are working on their newest IPA but it's not ready yet and they need your help. They decided to brew a flavorful IPA because that's that's what they see all of their running friends reach for. But to make sure this is a beer that runners want to drink after a run, they brewed a test batch of Beer Run IPA and are hosting a series of Ninkasi Beer Runs in cities around the country so runners can try it and let Ninkasi brewers know what they think. After a run, of course.
These musicians not only made a name for themselves on the stage, they followed another passion and ran with their artistic talent to work the vineyards and produce wine they are all proud of. You might have even had a glass or two and not even known that the fame behind the wine. Well now you do.
Yeah Brofessor, the newest high-protein, low carb and gluten free beer is targeting you gym buffs who want to keep those rock hard abs and party on. Barbell Brew, a UK exclusive for now, is a wheat beer that packs in 21.8g of protein, about the same amount as a steak, and only 2g of carbs.
Sunday morning can welcome you with the dreaded hangover but on the flip side there’s the numero uno “hair of the dog” cocktail which continually inspires outrageous creations that may help you right the ship a little faster with their “brunch-like” garnishes! Here’s 10 crazy Bloody Mary’s to get you back in the game…
The 2016 American Craft Spirits Awards were announced today and we couldn't want to run out to the store fast enough! Winners were hand-selected among a record-breaking pool of nearly 450 entrants from 39 states! In addition to the Best in Class Distinctions, the judging panel awarded 34 Gold, 173 Silver, and 132 Bronze medals.
President Frank Underwood is back. Season 4 of House of Cards rolls out today on Netflix so we put together some favorite drinks of past presidents as well as "Underwood" cocktails to get you in the mood for your "okay, one more episode" binge watching.
Good news for anyone that prefers Cabernet over cardio: Drinking two glasses of wine before bed could actually be the magic pill that helps you lose weight, according to two recent studies from Washington State University and Harvard Medical School.
Fat Tire gets by with a little help from its friends. To celebrate New Belgium Brewing's 25th anniversary and 25 years of Fat Tire, they reached out to collaboration partners who were long time friends and innovative brewers and asked them to brew their own intrepretation on Fat Tire. The result is a mixed 12 pack that will drop this summer.
The core function of this App is simple: take a photo of any wine label and instantly learn that wine's rating, review, and average price - info totally supplied by Vivino's 14 million users. We'd love this App just for this feature alone but Vivino is bundled with more useful functionality that you'll actually find yourself using. Oh and did we mention this 4.5 star rated App is free.
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has invited every craft brewer in the U.S. to join us for a 6-city beer festival tour—the largest craft beer celebration in history! Throughout June 2016, there will be six Beer Camp Across America festivals in different cities with thriving craft beer cultures. We recently sent invitations to every single craft brewer in the U.S., encouraging them to come out and pour their beer at one or more festivals. Our vision is that you’ll get to experience a regional spread of beers unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
The Ballast Point Original Gravity Home Brew Competition BJCP sanctioned competition will crown 6 regional winners, who will each be brought to San Diego to brew their recipes at our Research and Development brewery in Little Italy. Each of the regional winners’ beers will be showcased at our grand finale event, and the grand champion will be distributed by Ballast Point as a packaged beer. The champion will also receive the opportunity to be eligible for the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am in partnership with Ballast Point.
The 2016 Brewers Retreat in Astoria, Oregon - 3 nights, 2 brewing sessions, 4 master brewers. Brew with world-class master brewers Brian Faivre, Brewmaster at Deschutes Brewery, John Maier, Brewmaster at Rogue Ales, Jack Harris, Brewmaster at Fort George Brewery and Kevin Shaw, Head Brewer at Buoy Beer at the most intimate and unique retreat imaginable. This isn't an experience, it's "the" experience for any craft beer lover.
Does this photo make you want to take a drive down the country road, pull off at the first fruit stand and load up on fresh fruit? It did for us. Allegash Brewing Co. located in Portland, Maine may be experiencing "three or four layer" temps right now but their "Pick Your Own" release on February 9th will have any East-coaster daydreaming of spring.
The London Bar, which is set within luxury hotel The London NYC, has debuted its signature drink, the "Billionaire Margarita" in celebration of National Margarita Day. According to the hotel, the "Billionaire Margarita" features premium ingredients including Patrón en Lalique Serie 1 and Louis XIII. Oh, and it comes with a price tag of $1,200. The London Bar hopes to break records and have fun doing it with this extravagant offering.
If you live in Northern California, you've probably had a pint. If you're a beer fan, you've definitely seen Russian River Brewing Company's Pliny (Elder and/or Younger) top the awards lists from GABF to RateBeer.com Festival. This triple IPA surfaces in February every year, and every year it draws lines around the corner to get the first taste of this year's hoppy nectar. Of course first tasting happen at Russian River in downtown Santa Rosa and since it's first inception twelve years ago, its two-week release event has grown into quite the phenomena.
Today is National Drink Wine Day and there’s no better excuse to enhance your wine drinking experience by adding one, two or all of the items below to your world. Like wine, any enhancement from a decanter to glassware is a personal choice of style, design and love. We’ll help uncork your imagination so you can go out there and get something just right.
At first glance our imaginations went right to Pink Floyd's song from Dark Side of the Moon when we saw this beer. Summit Brewing Company's latest Unchained Series is far from Pink Floyd related but still very cool.  The 21st beer in the limited-release Unchained Series is a two-part beer experience, one an American IPA, the other a Session IPA. Both will be available on draught and in mixed 12-ounce bottle six-packs the third week of February.
While we Simpsons fans associate Homer most with his love of Duff Beer, it seems the likeness of Homer and Marge are the inspiration behind a different beverage - wine. A few years ago Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich unveiled their strikingly colorful 'Wine, or maybe not?' conceptual bottles, which were cleverly designed with the same color scheme as the beloved cartoon characters.
Japan makes a lot of Kit Kat flavors we don't see in the U.S. like Apple Pie, purple sweet potato, watermelon, Green Tea and more. Now Japan has reached into our sweet tooth, drinking loving hearts with a sake infused Kit Kat that actual boasts an ABV. Nestlé hopes the alcoholic (0.8%) white chocolate wafers flavored with sake powder will prove popular with tourists.
MerBear Rye IPA, the new love child of SoCal icon Coronado Brewing and NorCal heavyweight Bear Republic, is set to hit shelves mid-February. The friendship began a few years back when president Rick Chapman and Brewmaster and COO Richard "Ricardo" Norgrove, of Coronado and Bear Republic respectively, met for beers at a local San Diego beer bar where they discussed the idea of the two creating something special. Two years, and countless collaborative visits later, MerBear was born.
Oh we miss you Walter White.  Sony Pictures Television and 21st Century Spirits partnered up to launch a limited edition line of “Heisenberg” Blue Ice Vodka – inspired by the hit television series, “Breaking Bad.” Three special edition bottles of Heisenberg by Blue Ice, with distinct graphics and infamous quotes, are now available to add to your collection.
Receiving chocolate is fun on Valentines Day, but how much more fun would a bouquet of chocolate beers be! We got on the phone with Co-Founder and CTO Greg Avola of Untappd to breakdown beer bouquet or “Bro-quet” ideas based on trending/popular beers you can put together this Valentine’s Day.
Uncorking a bottle of champagne and pouring it into a glass is not impressive. Here are four simple and elegant Valentine's Day inspired cocktails that will get your loved one to ask "ok, where did you learn to make this?" We won't tell.
Do you have a “good man” that not only remembers Valentines Day every year but gets a little something to remind you he’s thinking about you. Maybe it’s just a card, maybe it’s your favorite candy or something sparkly. So if you want to “one-up” that Valentines gifting gesture we have the list just for you. We order the list from least expensive to absurd (just in case) and even threw in a “guy type” that would most appreciate such a gift.
The average player career in the NFL is 3.3 years according to the NFLPA. There's standouts playing all positions throughout the league's history but let's face it, the NFL is far from touch football and the need to have plans beyond the gridiron is a facet of every players life. Like all of us, these seven former NFL players all had dreams and interests and when they got off the field they pursued them like a game day win.
You're Super Bowl party can't be topped if you take a little extra time to create the "snack stadium" experience. Go big or keep it simple, no mater you're level of stadium building your guests will love it. Here's some inspiration from a few of our favorites.
Pacific Gem is the first of three in Green Flash's 2016 Hop Odyssey series. Pacific Gem sticks to it's guns harnessing it's flavor from a single hop. This Single Hopped Pale Ale presents notes of pine and grapefruit rind accented by guava with a long, lingering finish.
Millions and millions of times, and nearly a million times this year, RateBeer beer reviewers worldwide have raised a glass to review a new beer.  Homebrewers, disributors, brewers and more are all RateBeer.com fans and reviewers. We have tallied those scores and now present them as our RateBeer Best competition results.
In advance of the upcoming Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, Spangalang Brewery (Denver, CO) and Fullsteam Brewery (Durham, NC) are entering into a wager on behalf of their respective NFL home teams and the terms of the wager are significant for the brewers and their fans.
Binny's Beverage Depot has teamed up with retail delivery firm Instacart to offer Chicago consumers a one-hour alcohol delivery service. The new service is already active and offers same-day delivery of beers, wines and spirits to consumers of legal drinking age.
Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews are considered by wine connoisseurs to pro's in the trade to be the best Laguiole waiter's style corkscrew on the market today and make for a truly unforgettable gifts for any wine lover.

You love wine. You know it’s better if the wine can “breath” a little before you pour, sip and enjoy but you don’t always have the time, or remember. Decanting is a process centuries old. The Romans let decanted wine sit for hours in the belief it brought out a wine’s aromas and mellowed harsh tannins.

The 8th annual SF Beer Week kicks off tonight with the sold out Opening Week Gala. The Gala is “thee” event that waves the green flag on a week long celebration of everything we love about beer; rare beer offerings, meet the brewer parties, tap take overs, collaborations, education and all sorts of imaginative “fun with beer” events.

Stories about pairing Girl Scout cookies and beer have popping up for a couple years now, and the response is hit or miss with fans of the beer drinking world. Then in comes Firestone Walker Brewing Company and wipes the dividing line away with a cookie & beer pairing so perfect that the imitators will inevitably be close behind.

We’ve all heard some story about a Shaman healing their tribes sickness with a special blend of nature or watched Sean Connery find a cure for Cancer in Medicine Man ala some wondrous plant, tree bark or insect combo. It’s widely accepted, and proven, that there’s a lot growing out there that’s down right good for us.

The next time your best buddy says "man, that's the Rolls-Royce of bars" they'll actually be hitting the nail on the head. For you those in need of a last minute gift idea, Rolls-Royce handmade "Cocktail Hampers" are available for only £26,000 or $38,873 (thank you Google conversion). But you better act fast, they only made 15 of them!

They're not as useless as plastic pink lawn flamingo's but they definitely are not as essential as toilet paper. We've all seen them - drinking gear & accessories that make you say "take my money" and while we never really need them, it sure would be cool if they just magically appeared on your doorstep.

Dogfish Head brewers are simply "envelope pushers" when it comes their beer concoctions. They are no strangers to hoppy brews. Most beer lovers can lay claim to enjoying their 120 minute IPA which packs in 120 IBU's (International Bittering Units). What Dogfish Head released on December 2nd just left their own 120 minute IBU fueled IPA in the dust and it's certifiable.

OK, that particular post we'll put up in a few years. BUT Amazon is promising to deliver booze to New Yorkers in under 60 minutes.

Amazon has already told us (and showed us) that they’ve put millions of dollars into developing their drone delivery system, and just this week Amazon launched their booze delivery service in New York City (with a few hiccups). Think about it-- five years ago, it was nearly unfathomable that you’d one day click a button on your phone as you watched the premiere episode of Game of Thrones and have a bottle of rum knocking on your door in before the episode was over. But today it’s just a countdown to when the two services will mesh together.

The impending release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the most anticipated movie event in 37 years— since the release of the first Star Wars film, A New Hope (technically the 4th film, if you’re a nitpicking nerd, like us). We’re not counting those three films in the middle. Like most people, we’re pretending they never happened, or that they were from a different futuristic galactic franchise that was similar to Star Wars, but missed the gritty charm that attracted us to the first films.

Oh, this is your brewery? Is your name on it? Oh… It is?

We can only imagine that, after stealing Justin Biber’s haircut, this guy thought he could walk into the mansion (that is the Budweiser Brewery) and kick it. He was wrong.