The Rolls-Royce of cocktail bars...literall

23 February, 2015

The next time your best buddy says "man, that's the Rolls-Royce of bars" they'll actually be hitting the nail on the head. For you those in need of a last minute gift idea, Rolls-Royce handmade "Cocktail Hampers" are available for only £26,000 or $38,873 (thank you Google conversion). But you better act fast, they only made 15 of them!

According to the official press release "each painstakingly hamper is handcrafted from American walnut wood and trimmed with sumptuous, unmarked leather and took eight weeks to produce each one."


Rolls-Royce definitely focused on the mantra "it's all in the details." The upper tier of the hamper holds tumblers, decanters and a shaker, and smaller utensils not to mention a muddler finished in American Walnut and a strainer engraved with the 'RR' markings, of course.


Every item of glassware is made by Theresienthal, Europe's most revered glassmaker and supplier of many of the Continent's Royal Courts, and have platinum rims.

Even the leather is as good as it gets: taken only from bulls - cowhides can have stretchmarks from pregnancy - sourced from high altitude (to avoid the skin being pierced by mosquitoes). C'mon, that's A student work right there.


If you're an exhausted wealthy person with no drink ideas there's a book containing a series of cocktail recipes inspired by the marque's heritage. And drawers hold recipe cards and fine cotton napkins.

The entire hamper is lit by an automatic light designed to recreate the soft glow of an intimate cocktail bar.

Finally, the hamper comes with a glass tray that's discreetly housed beneath the integrated wooden chopping board, ensuring drinks are presented to guests in consummate Rolls-Royce luxury.

'This beautifully executed Cocktail Hamper illustrates the marque's intimate understanding of the desires of the most discerning patrons of luxury in the world; Rolls-Royce customers," Gavin Hartley, head of bespoke design at Rolls-Royce.

(photos courtesy of Rolls-Royce)