Top 10 Drinking Gadgets That You Don't Need...But Probably Want

23 February, 2015

They're not as useless as plastic pink lawn flamingo's but they definitely are not as essential as toilet paper. We've all seen them - drinking gear & accessories that make you say "take my money" and while we never really need them, it sure would be cool if they just magically appeared on your doorstep.

The Top 10 List

10 - Bathtub Wine Holder

bathtub wine

You got the candles lit, lights off, bath tub at the perfect temp with plenty of bubbles - the last thing you want is stress in the room but where can you safely perch that glass of wine on your bathtub? With a WaveHooks bathtub wine holder your worries are a thing of the past, just affix the holder in an arms reach and never worry about knocking over your glass again. Available in white, pink or purple.

$17.00+ | Buy


9 - Brewsees


Are we drinking so much beer that we need to wear a bottle-opener our our face? And the fact that these glasses also enable you to shotgun beer, just exacerbates our dilemma with these sunglasses. If you use as directed, you’ll end up passed out in someone’s yard while the sun is still shining. If you’re going tailgating on a bright day, and expect to have a veritable plethora of craft beer bottles to open, then this is the tool you’ll need (there’s their quotable statement from us)! Hmm... It would be kinda cool to rip off your shades, like James Bond, and come to someone’s rescue who is about to open their beer bottle on the side of a table.

$49.50 and up| Buy


8 - Fruit Keg Tapping Kit


If you saw Zane's Halloween Pumpkin Man video then you know you having a Keg Tapping Kit that works perfectly in fruit is a very handy thing to have on your bat belt. So watermelon up that margarita or pumpkin up that pumpkin beer, you're about to add some serious "that's crazy" to your next party.

7 - Scorzie


How many koozies do you really need? Well if you're like us and love to play cornhole and drink beers while playing then you know keeping score is the real challenge of the game. The Scorzie solves that problem in one beer chilling move. So toss out those old "all I do is keep beer cold" koozies and upgrade to the Scorzie that will keep you in the game.

$12.99 | Buy


6 - Hanskie Beer Koozie Mittens


It's cold out, you're holding a cold beer in your favorite koozie but your hand is still freezing. This scenario isn't much fun. Wouldn't it be great if there were stylish mittens with a koozie built right in? Hey, there are! Hanskie is the original beer koozie drinking mit. We're pretty sure these go back to the Viking days but we haven't completely checked our facts on that yet.

$29.99 | Buy


5 - Whisker Dam


We've all heard the term "flavor savors" when it comes to that proudly gown upper lip hair but after the first or second beer doesn't sucking suds off your mustache just get old? Fear not, touted as "an umbrella for Your Face" the Whisker Damn is for that mustache lover who just needs a break from a wet nose broom. Upgrade with a leather carrying pouch for another $5.

$20.00 | Buy


4 - Double Agent Shoes


If you’re going somewhere that requires heels, there’s a great chance you’ll also be carrying a purse or a clutch. Actually... if you have these shoes, you don’t need a purse or a clutch. In fact... Is there room for money and credit cards in there? Maybe lipstick? OK. These shoes are cool. I wish I was a woman... now more than ever.

$275.00 | Buy


3 - Floating Beer Pong Table w/Cooler


Since it was close to the 70° over the weekend pretty much everywhere (in mid-December!) we think this one still applies - beer pong in the pool! Also known as the "party barge" this is the only floating beer pong table with a built in cooler so you can keep that game going without the hassle of having to swim to get cold back-ups. Much better than Marco Polo, just stay away from your favorite cannon ballin' buddy.

$49.95 | Buy


2 - The Drinking Jacket


As if the Brewsees weren’t silly enough, now there’s a jacket (which looks more like a hoodie) that, according to founder, Zane Lamprey, helps you “open, transport and consume your favorite beverage”. Were our hands really getting too cold holding a drink? Were we clamoring for a beer koozie pocket? And how many times have we been wearing a sweatshirt and coincidentally needed a bottle opener built-in to our zipper? Apparently the desire for these existed, because The Drinking Jacket is a real product. Lamprey says that it’s really just a comfortable hoodie with some cool features for tailgating and traveling. Whatever. Tell you what, Lamprey, send us one to try out, and we’ll let you know the verdict. Size XXL... in blue... and another in maroon. And throw in one of your stupid hats.

$84.99 | Buy


1 - The ManCan


The Man Can is a personal keg system made simple: fill, serve, repeat. The ManCan takes beer transportation and freshness up like 5 notches. Available in multiple sizes, each are topped with a Perfect Pour 2-Stage Regulator to ensure that tap room quality freshness. We could go on and on about the "take my money, I want" factors behind the #1 pick but it's best to go drool for yourself at the source. And yes, there was a WomanCan in pink but it was only available during the Kickstarter campaign.

$265.00 | Buy