Monkey Shoulder Reinvents Historical Shaker

25 April, 2016

An almost-forgotten design of shaker, the Konga Shaker, dating back to the 1930's has been brought back by the team behind Monkey Shoulder whiskey.

The Konga Shaker, which has fallen out of favor among bartenders mainly due to the rise of mainstream cocktail shakers or Brian Flanagan’s charm, features rotating handles that allow cocktails to made using a rolling rather than shaking motion.


Working from an original design, Monkey Shoulder’s version of the Konga Shaker retains a stainless steel cylinder and red plastic handles but also features some useful modern updates, particularly to the sieve, to simplify assembly and perfect the pour.
Since the Konga Shaker is larger than a typical cocktail shaker it allows bartenders to create between three and four cocktails at one time.
The original Konga Shakers ceased production in the 1970s and have become highly collectible, with some older ones changing hands for hundreds of pounds.
Just 250 Konga Shakers have been created and will be distributed to bars across the country, along with bespoke cocktail recipes. The product follows the launch of Monkey Shoulder’s iSpoon in 2014 – an extendable bar spoon.

Watch this absolutely terribly cheesy video on how it works