Drinking-Man Gifts

08 February, 2016

Do you have a “good man” that not only remembers Valentines Day every year but gets a little something to remind you he’s thinking about you. Maybe it’s just a card, maybe it’s your favorite candy or something sparkly. So if you want to “one-up” that Valentines gifting gesture we have the list just for you. We order the list from least expensive to absurd (just in case) and even threw in a “guy type” that would most appreciate such a gift.


Collapsible Beer Glass - "The Camper"

Pack a Port-a-Pint in your pocket and you'll be ready to knock one back at a moment's notice. Just flick your wrist and the cup magically extends. Once it magically extends, simply pour and enjoy. Perfect for camping, festivals, parties and life on the go. Comes with a handy storage case you so you don't have to worry about getting it lost or damage during your adventures.

$8.99 | Buy

Beer Layering Tool - "The Beer Artist"

Simply the easiest way to make a Black & Tan or a Snakebite. Endless experimenting with any light/dark beer combo. A perfect separation every time.

$9.95 | Buy

6px Cans Draft Beer Jelly Belly’s - "The Sweet Tooth"

Continuing with the long line of flavor innovations from Jelly Belly Candy Company, we now have the first beer flavored jelly bean - Draft Beer. Beer has been a highly requested flavor for decades, and after years of perfecting the formulation, we're ready to share this new product with the world. The effervescent and crisp flavor is packed in a golden jelly bean with an iridescent finish.

$21.99+JB15OFF (15%) | Buy

Drinking Jenga - "The Game Player"

If you have a Jenga set, throw it away, and get a drunk tower set. Includes 4 shot glasses and 60 stacking wooden blocks. Drinking challenges printed on the blocks.

$15.79 | Buy

Cocktail Gardening Kit - "The Grower"

Everything you need to grow your own Cocktail Garden in one box, including 18 original cocktail recipes using your cocktail garden plants! A specially selected range of seeds to grow plants with an interesting variety of aromas to flavor and garnish your drinks. 6 Seed Varieties: Cucamelon, Blue Borage, Lime Basil, Hyssop, Lemon Balm & Mint. An award-winning mixologist has been commissioned to create an exciting selection of original drink recipes which combine their taste and flavors to perfection.

6 Growing pots, 6 Peat blocks and 6 Plant Markers. Sowing & Growing Tips and Cocktail Recipes included with photographs of each cocktail & full instructions on how to make syrups from each variety

$16.99 | Buy

Whisker Dam: Mustache Beer Guard - "Mustachio Man"

The Best Dam Invention for Keeping Your Whiskers Dry. Whisker Dam embraces the rich history of gentlemen, and their luxurious stashes. Throughout the ages, it is apparent that there has always been a battle between a man’s perfectly groomed stash and fluid elements that try to saturate it. Since the 1800’s gentlemen have been creating various contraptions to protect their magnificent Whiskers.

$25.00 | Buy

Portable Beer Pong Ball Washer - "The Game Player"

Tired of playing dirty beer pong. So are we. The Clean Cup is a battery operated, table top unit that will replace the nasty and highly ineffective “wash cup” that is so commonly used in today’s beer pong play. Players have built custom ball washers into their home tables, but never before has playing with Clean Balls anywhere been an option.

$39.00 | Buy

MiiR Insulated Howler - "The Backpacker"

The Howler is ½ the size of our Growler, but it’s just as the tough when it comes to locking carbonation and temperatures in tight. Keeps cold things cold for 24+ hours, and hot things hot for up to 12 hours. Double wall vacuum insulated (doesn't sweat). BPA free materials

$39.95 | Buy

Beer Soap Six Pack - "The Obsessively Clean Beer Fan"

Can't decide which beer soap you like the most? Try them all out and save some money with a beer soap 6-pack! Each 6-pack includes one of each of the following varieties: Apricot Wheat, Honey Pilsner and Oats, Vanilla Porter, IPA and Ground Hops, Belgian Witbier, Oatmeal Stout and Crushed Oats.

$42.99 | Buy

Sempli Tasting Kit - "The Beer Purist"

Each glass in the Monti-Tasting Set caters to the discerning craft beer enthusiast, and not only holds each of your favorite bottles of beer perfectly, but is specifically designed to enhance the effervescence and flavor profile of the beer. The Monti-Taste Set includes four (4) glasses specifically designed for IPA, Pilsner, Pint (16-ounce) and 12-ounce brews.

$84.98 | Buy

The Travel Bar Set - "The 007 Fan"

Don't just go to the party; start the party with this tantalizing manhattan set! It's the ultimate portable cocktail party! The insulated velvet interior cleverly holds two bottles of your favorite spirits behind a movable wall containing all of the stainless steel accessories that you will need to prepare your favorite cocktail. This unique, traveling bar cocktail set is a great accessory for parties, gatherings, or holidays. NOT recommended for in-sociable introverts; highly recommended for stylish, successful, and intriguing individuals! Case measures approximately 11"x11"x16" tall.

$179.95 | Buy

Marshall Fridge - "The Musician"

From the main stage to the man cave, the Marshall Fridge was born to rock. The Marshall Fridge uses authentic Marshall parts. And these control knobs are no exception. Like everything good in rock, they even go to 11. Born into a legacy of over 50 years, the Marshall Fridge features the most iconic logo in rock.

$399.00 | Buy

Pico Brew Zymatic Home Brewing - "The Passionate Home Brewer"

Introducing the world’s first all-grain, fully-automatic, beer brewing appliance. Brew from a recipe library containing thousands of proven beers or create your own. Brew your favorite beer consistently each time, every time. Share your recipes with others or try and rate recipes from the PicoBrew community. Learn new brewing tricks or answer your questions with instructional videos from our in-house Master Brewer. All of this with just the push of a button!

$1999.00 | Buy

Traveling "Woody" Whiskey Bar - "The Traveling Showman"

A chorus of cheers rings out the minute you pull up. Tailgating will never be the same now that your Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer is on the scene. Designed by interior designer Brad Ford, it's impressive on the outside, but what's on the inside truly astounds: sleek leather furnishings and details from Moore & Giles, rich wood finishings (handcrafted from reclaimed Bulleit Bourbon casks), elegant glassware, and a top-notch entertainment system, including a flat-screen TV, Blu-ray Disc™ player, and a state-of-the-art sound system, plus a one-year supply of Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye*. You park, open the hatch, and slide out the bar—cocktails anyone?

$150,000.00 | Buy