Wild Eyed Crazy Bloody Mary's

06 March, 2016

Sunday morning can welcome you with the dreaded hangover but on the flip side there’s the numero uno “hair of the dog” cocktail which continually inspires outrageous creations that may help you right the ship a little faster with their “brunch-like” garnishes! FYI - this article was inspired by our own fearless/inventive leader! 

zane(Zane tinkering with his own cure)


Here’s 10 crazy Bloody Mary’s to get you back in the game… 

Sobelman’s - Milwaukee, WI


13 garnishes make this a a Bloody Masterpiece  and has become somewhat iconic. It’s won awards, been featured on national television, and left many thirsty customers stuffed before they even reached the booze.


Anvil Pub - Dallas, TX


The F* Brunch series is actually a four option alternative to the fact that the Anvil doesn’t serve brunch. The list includes a Mimosa, Sangria and Screwdriver all topped with everything from cinnamon roll to stuffed jalapeños, but the fan favorite of the four is the Bloody Mary.


Madeline Hotel / Smak - Telluride, CO

hotel madeline
Smak restaurant is about 100 yards from the lifts so if you not in peak form, this pit stop offers a Blood Mary that will get you back up and rocking the slopes.


The Nook - Atlanta, GA

the nook
Tater tots, steak and the coveted beef straw!


O’Davey’s Irish Pub - Fond du Lac, WI

Wisconsin scores again with this “limited edition Bloody Mary” but the real kicker beyond the pretzel, bag of popcorn, sliders, bacon and other toppings - it’s only $5!


The Grid - Chicago, IL

A true ode to the Chicago-style hot dog with a Bloody Mary best friend there to support.


Small Bar - San Diego, CA

The Bloody Mary Superior complete with grilled baguette topped with manchego and chorizo, beer candied bacon, spicy green beens and the free bag of pork rinds.


Buck’s Naked BBQ - Portland, ME

Buck’s has an entire section of their menu entitled "Fooze." That is, cocktails that come with a rib on top. The Bloody Mary is no exception.


Pizzeria Locale - Boulder, CO

pizzeria locale
Mozzarella garnish seems like a perfect garnish for a pizza place. This Bloody Mary is made out of tomato sauce instead of juice - the same sauce Boulder, CO's Pizzeria Locale uses on its pizzas.


Hrbek’s Pub - Minneapolis, MN

The College Daze Bloody Mary features a cold slice of pepperoni pizza and other fixings like a beef stick, pepperjack and cheddar cheese cubes, pepperoncini, olive, celery and a pickle spear along with a Bud Light beer back.