Those Boozy Pops are back!

11 June, 2018

If you're thinking "these are otter pops with booze in them!" then you're on the right track. Mix the nostalgia fun of Otter Pops and the timeless fun of Summertime frozen cocktails and you have Costco's hit Skinny Freezer Pops. Yep, last year's rage returns to the freezer section at your nearest Costco!

Skinny Freezer is a line of tubed vodka ice pops available in a whole slew of cocktail flavors: cosmopolitan, watermelon lemonade, appletini and lemon drop. Each serving is only 100 calories and delivering a kind 8% ABV. Beyond Costco, Skinny Freezer pops are availble on the Slim Chillers website, as well as at BevMo, Walmart.