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Third Annual Champagne Day, October 26th

Third Annual Champagne Day, October 26th

October 26, 2012 0

It’s about time we have a real good reason to make a toast.

Take a second and think about this: How many times have you been asked to raise your glass as someone gave a toast? How many toasts have you been a part of that went on and on and on, and all you wanted to do was drink the bubbly staring down at you from above? How many times were you wondering why your bubbly was getting warm for a toast that had no significance?

All too often it seems like there are so many reasons to toast and one key factor of the toast – the champagne – is forgotten. Luckily for all of us, there is a day we can toast to the toasting beverage.

Friday, Oct. 26, marks the Third Annual Champagne Day. And Champagne Day is no joke either. This isn’t like those cheesy “National (fill in your lame excuse to celebrate) Day” like “National Wear Your Hat To Work Day” or “National Siesta Day.” Champagne Day is better than that; it’s not national, it’s global.

That’s right, a global party where people in California can toast with those in Spain; or Someone in Nebraska can toast with people in Italy. Most importantly, we’re all toasting for the appreciation of the beverage made exclusively in Champagne, France. This isn’t Prosecco Day or Sparkling Wine Day, it’s Champagne Day and the celebration is dedicated to all things Champagne, France.

Have a flute of champagne, or spice it up with a tasty mimosa – or just start your day with the mimosa and have a flute or three of champagne throughout the day. One way or the other, be sure to celebrate.

Visit Twitter and check out @Champagne, @ChampagneBureau or @vintuba, or follow the conversation on #ChampagneDay to see where some celebratory parties are for the big day.

Maybe I’ll see some of you a party nearby as we all become French for a day – if you aren’t French already – and pop corks worldwide.

On Friday, Oct. 26, let’s all raise our glasses and toast to the toasting drink: champagne. Here’s what I would say to champagne.

“I’ve known champagne since I was a young boy and I was given a small cup to have in celebration for my first New Year’s party with my extended family. When the ball dropped and the cheers rained down, we all sipped from our cups. I could remember when I took my first sip – albeit timidly, not knowing what to expect – that this drink was like soda, but a punch to the face. I loved ginger ale, but this champagne was soda on steroids, and I liked it. I remember not being able to wait for the next New Year’s Eve celebration. As I got older, I began to appreciate the nuances of champagne and the different ways you could enjoy it. It only gets better. To champagne – for being there since my youth and still being a solid beverage into my adult years. To champagne! Salut!

What’s your toast to the toasting drink? Cheers!

Like it? Hate it? Love it? Let me know. I’m sure you’ll be pleased though.

Giovanni Albanese Jr.
San Jose, Calif.
Follow Giovanni on Twitter @GAlbaneseJr

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