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Q and A with Magnifico Giornata CEO and founder Bob Manfredonia

Q and A with Magnifico Giornata CEO and founder Bob Manfredonia

June 19, 2013 0

Bob+Manfredonia+hO9VmHKsCSkm (1)Italian for “magnificent day”, Magnifico Giornata is a line of flavor-infused sparkling champagnes. Created by Bob Manfredonia and Ralph Giannella, Magnifico Giornata was the result of a mutual desire to create something completely unique. They figured that the world of essence infused sparkling wines was fairly untapped in the US market so they set to work on bringing something exciting, new and different to the market. Their plan was to show that champagne isn’t just for New Years Eve and for spraying around a locker room when you win the World Series. They wanted to bring champagne (technically sparkling wine) to the masses by adding fresh flavors and ingredients.

Bob was generous enough to answer a few questions for Drinking Made Easy about Magnifico Giornata’s history, flavors and what sets their champagne apart from others on the market.

Tell me a little bit about Magnifico Giornata?

Magnifico Giornata is a new collection of all natural, essence infused, sparkling wines. Magnifico Giornata means “Magnificent Day” in Italian and we believe in making every day “Magnifico”.  The collection launched in the NYC metro area on April 1st with plans to expand to other key metropolitan cities across the U.S.  Carrie Keagan, host of VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan,” is a partner in the brand and a wonderful asset.

What’s the history of Magnifico Giornata?

Magnifico Giornata has been about two years in the making. About two years ago, a long time friend and I were talking about opportunities in the business and what’s going on in the industry and one thing lead to another and we thought, “Why can’t we create something together.” We then kicked around a lot of ideas, and did a lot of research and that was really the beginning of Magnifico Giornata.

What is your history in the world of fine beverages?

I’ve been in the alcohol beverage business for about 20 years. I started as a young guy, and learned from the largest distributor in the country, Southern Wine & Spirits, and grew through the ranks learning merchandising and how the market works.  Eventually I moved to a management position and from there to the supplier side of things. Over the course of my career, I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by a lot of really great people. I’ve been very fortunate.

Why get into the world of champagne?

We honed in on the sparkling wine/champagne category because we really admired it.  It’s a category that’s been around for an excess of 300 years. It’s well liked, well thought of, and well developed, but still had opportunities for something a little different. If we could understand the nuances we could create something new and unique that would have mass appeal.

What makes Magnifico Giornata different from other champagnes on the market?Magnifico Giornata is a lifestyle oriented brand.  We think that we can bring sparkling wine/champagne into an every day celebratory moment.  Most people think of champagne/sparkling wine as just for New Years and birthdays, maybe a promotion or a girls night out, but we think our brand can be an every day celebration.  Magnifico is for the big moments as well as the small, it’s for a backyard BBQ, laying out pool side, and simply a way to wind down after a long day at the office.  Our tagline is Be Magnifico (#BeMagnifico), and that means celebrating the small moments in peoples lives, every day, why wait?

What is the infused essence collection? What flavors are available?

Grapefruit Blanc
Ginger Peche
Lavender Honey

We’ll never be a company that makes grape, cherry or lemon.  We always want to do something unique and special, and that’s what the infused essence collection is. We went through a plethora of ideas before we came up with the initial 3 essences, and we already have many more ideas for the future.  The initial 3 will be followed up with a Fall release and a Spa collection that are currently being developed.

Is there anything else our readers would want to know about Magnifico Giornata?

Magnifico Giornata is low calorie, at less than 100 calories per 4 oz. serving, and affordable at a retail price of $25/bottle.  You can reach us at our website or via social media at:

Please learn more and follow Magnifico Giornata by visiting their:

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Chris Osburn
Rochester, NY
Editor for Chilled Magazine


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