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IPA Goes to the Dogs

IPA Goes to the Dogs

February 1, 2013 0

DME 48 003

Know what I like more than beer?  PUPPIES!  And not just the pair that come strapped in a bra, but actual, living, breathing, big-eyed puppies.  Actually, I’m kind of a big animal lover all around (except for cats. I’m not sure how I feel about cats.  I think they scare me and far too intelligent and potentially sinister to be considered pets.) So when I stumbled across Weyerbacher’s Last Chance IPA, I was hooked.

How could you not have a beer that also supported animal rescue?  And an IPA to boot!

Portions of the sales from this IPA go to help regional animal shelters and, assuming their website is accurate, they have donated close to $13,000 as of November 2012.  When you look at the break down, it seems that a couple of thousand gets donated each time and you may think, “Surely, they could have donated more!” but, brothas and sistahs in boozery, let me tell you, every little bit helps!

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From chatting with friends at Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue and others, most if not all the folks who work at these rescues are volunteers and the money goes directly to the care of the animals.  That is, blankets, beds, food, toys, vet exams, medications and surgeries.  For example, American Boston Terrier Rescue has a young male named Remi that is undergoing extensive surgeries for a neck problem.  The rest of the donated funds go to operational expenses such as utilities and office supplies.  We have a soft spot for Boston Terriers as we used to have one, ourselves and, though current LCIPA donations do not include this organization, help to any rescue is greatly needed and appreciated.

But you can’t just field a beer, claim that it’s for a good cause, and expect people to start shelling out the bucks.  The product has got to be good too and, trust me on this, it is!  Or rather, don’t trust me.  Get out and buy a 6-pack.  You know what?  You look like the indecisive-type; better buy two just so you can compare.  Make it three so you can cellar one, just to see how it stacks up after a few months.  You know what?  The Superbowl is right around the corner!  Why not arrange for a sixtel to bring to your party?  Everyone has to take a drink whenever the word “football” is used.  Hey, it’s all for a good cause!

But seriously, the beer itself is pretty good too!  As much as I want to try to drink local, I am a fiend for big, hoppy, unbalanced beers.  With a few scant exceptions (Spider Bite’s Eye Be Use being one of them), I find a lot of the East Coast IPAs to have just a wee bit too much malt for what I’m looking for so I have been gravitating towards West Coast standards like Stone Brewing’s IPA or Firestone Walker’s Union Jack and Double Jack.  Mmmm, citrusy goodness!

Imagine my relief when, after popping a bottle of the Last Chance IPA, I experienced the same, hop-forward, resinous sweetness of its West Coast counterparts!  It poured a hazy orange (perhaps chill haze?).  The nose is full o’ piney, grapefruity and orange aroma.  It drinks easily (at 5.9% it is, sadly, considered a session beer by my hardened liver) and finishes bright and clean with a residual sweetness and schmackability on the lips.

The combination can’t go wrong- a great beer for a good cause.  Get out there, raise a pint and help an animal in need!


BJ picB.J. Gamboa
Lawn Guyland, NY
Twitter @BeerZ0mbie


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