The Ultimate Dessert Pairing: Beer and Pie

19 November, 2017

Take your Holiday gatherings to the next level with the ultimate dessert pairing: Craft Beer and Pie! Take it from us, we love our beers but we're pretty sure we love sweets even more and there's no better opportunity to put these pairings to the test than this Thursday!


Jubelale and Berry Pie:

The toffee, caramel, and dried fruit flavors of Jubelale perfectly compliment the sweet and tart flavors of berry pie. For this tasting we used blueberry pie, but in the past we’ve tried raspberry, marionberry, and a combo berry pie. All were fantastic with this beer.


Black Butte Porter and Pumpkin Pie:

The smooth coffee and chocolate notes from our classic Black Butte Porter are balanced amazing well against calm spice and mellow pumpkin flavors from this simple pie.


Fresh Squeezed IPA and Lemon Meringue Pie:

The grapefruit and citrus pop from one of our favorite IPAs is definitely a match for this tart and bright lemon pie. The malt backbone of Fresh Squeezed IPA mellow out the sour pie flavors and leave a nice slight bitterness on the tongue.


Obsidian Stout and Apple Pie:

One of our favorite pairings. The robust dark malts from Obsidian Stout are balanced by a hint of sweetness from the apples in the pie. It’s like pairing your coffee with an elegant pastry for breakfast. A hint of coffee bitterness and cinnamon linger on the tongue.


Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Pecan Pie:

The sweet and maple syrup flavors and aromas from the pie are enhanced by this malty and mild Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Slight hints of citrus and hops seep through and compliment the salty and bitter nuts that top the pie.

Last, but not least…


The Dissident and Cherry Pie:

WOW! Tart and sweet flavors from both the pie and the beer are pleasing to the palate. Step up your Holiday dinners with this pairing instead of cranberry sauce! The Dissident is dessert in itself!

As with all of our beer and food pairings, these are our recommendations for sweet, sour, smoky, chocolaty, and fruity palate pleasers. Be sure to experiment on your own and let us know what you come up with…we hope you give some of these a try and we wish you a Tasty and Hoppy Holiday Season!

[via Deschutes Blog]