Stay Fresh - Three Breweries Roll Out Awesome New Designs

03 May, 2016

Fresh is big in craft beer, and not just for the brews, but for the brand too. From the very beginning craft beer packaging art has been just as cool as the craft movement itself (Pete’s Wicked Ale anyone?). Design evolves as the days pass us by so when a brewery molts their early first skins, it’s an exciting moment for the brewery, fans and craft beer industry as a whole. Evolution is strength.

This Spring three breweries rolled out new looks; Coronado Brewing Co. going etched, Ninkasi Brewing Co. upping the art, and Brooklyn Brewery unites the brand. As design geeks, we love hard work!

Check ‘em out:

Coronado Brewing Co.

Taking it to the next level, Coronado went etched! The brewery recently announced the refresh as part of a rollout with their new can offerings and is now introducing the coastal look to their bottles. The new look reflects Coronado Brewing's rich history on Coronado Island, and the relaxed state of mind that resonates with both locals and fans worldwide.

"Our new bottles offer a unique design characteristic in regards to our mermaid. We wanted to add something that not many breweries have to offer, so we decided to use an etched design on the new bottles," said Brandon Richards Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. "The etched mermaid adds a sense of discovery to the bottle and enhances the mystic of our mermaid logo, but also focuses more on the brewery name itself," said Richards.

coronado allA

coronado islander

coronado sixpack


Brooklyn Brewery

The brand interlocking design is very cool. Intended to refresh Brooklyn Brewery’s look and bring uniformity to its packaging on the shelf, the new artwork was designed by the company’s longtime creative partner, Milton Glaser, who also designed Brooklyn’s logo and original label artwork when the brewery was founded in 1987.

“The new packaging is unmistakably Brooklyn Brewery, but it links our diverse portfolio together on the store shelves in a colorful billboard effect that has ‘shelf authority’ and is sure to inspire others,” Steve Hindy, co-founder and chairman of Brooklyn Brewery said in a post on the company’s website.

brooklyn all

brooklyn summer

brooklyn soorachi


Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Ninkasi packaging was cool to begin with, this new level of artwork is flat out a showing off of some skills.

Unlike other craft breweries that have turned to design firms and branding agencies for help retooling their looks, Ninkasi kept its latest refresh in-house.The new labels were co-developed by the company’s design team and current artist in residence Neal Williams, a Eugene-based gig poster artist and illustrator who helped create the brewery’s “Ground Control” labels. Williams has created posters for notable bands, including The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age and Dave Matthews Band, among others.

According to Ninkasi, the new labels reflect “the brewery’s move to a more art-forward aesthetic capturing the personality of each beer.”

ninkasi main

ninkasi dawn

ninkasi total

ninkasi tri