Six Breweries That Had Fun With April Fool's Day

01 April, 2016

Is it silly? Yes. Did some people get fooled? Yes, even if it was just for a few seconds. A lot of people had fun today, including ourselves, and these breweries are no exception either. We feel the Joker would be pleased today. So Happy Friday, have a good laugh, be on guard for next year and most of all enjoy the silly, even if it's just for a few moments.


Green Flash Brewing - Craftair



Green Flash put some love into this year's AFD prank with a detailed website landing page for their shenanigans Very reminiscent of Virgin Airlines' "pet air" prank, this was so cool that we wanted it to be real. Go ahead and Buy Tickets, you never know!


New Belgium Brewing Co. - Hairball Hef



Just silly, but cheers to the graphics team at NB for the bottle mock-up.


Sixpoint Brewing - Herbeverages Line



This one really dissappointed some in the herb-friendly community! Sixpoint even took the measure to limit the release into legalized states only! Highlarious.


Terrapin Brewing - Gesundheit



It's allergy season and this hit home for a lot of the DME crew. A hefeweizen brewed with Georgia pollen. ABV 6.4%, IBU 25, Pollen Count 4107! Beer Details page (


21st Amendment Brewing - The Grapefruit Series



Hey, Sculpin IPA is killing in the Grapefruit variation so why not capitalize on the hype? All in good fun, the lengths the graphic dept. went to with the can designs made this one of the most convincable AFD tricks this year (check the comments on their FB, it was well believed).


Founders - Flavored "All Day IPA"



Jumping on the Ballast Point "flavor is possible" bandwagon, Founders stepped it up this year with their new Blueberry, Lemon Lime and Salt & Vinegar lineup.


We said "six" in the title but there should a be special nod to Stone Brewing's "sell out" AFD prank this year. Amongst the seriousness in the industry, and right off their avant garde style "why we won't sell out video" launched four weeks ago, brining in Initech as a buyer was a good move because we know they all asked themselves "Is this good for the brewery?" Watch the video on their Facebook page here.



Cheers fun people - never lose your sense of humor!